Sweden's sexiest export commands $3,000 an hour-but he's worth every penny

By People Staff
May 04, 1992 12:00 PM

What’s 23, rippled all over and doesn’t allow much to come between him and his Calvins? It’s the $3,000-an-hour model whose acres-of-skin poses in last fall’s banned-in-Boston ad supplement for Kleinwear displayed enough beefcake to rate a Surgeon General’s warning.

But as Schenkenberg’s girlfriend, model Maureen Gallagher, 26, says, “Women have been looking at T&A so long, it’s nice to see some abs and pecs for a change.” In fact, before meeting him last year, she confides, “I’d been carrying around this picture of a guy’s body for six months, which was really upsetting to my boyfriend at the time. The picture was of Marcus.”

Schenkenberg, born to Dutch parents in Stockholm, takes the European view of skin: “No big deal at all. In Sweden they show sex scenes on TV, but they don’t want to show violence. Here it’s the opposite.” Growing up tall (he’s now 6’3″) yet scrawny, he credits his high school basketball coach for starting him in weight training. By the time Schenkenberg arrived in Los Angeles in 1987 “to get some life experience and learn English,” he was sufficiently hunky to be snapped by a photographer while roller skating along Venice Beach. A modeling contract soon followed.

For all his worldliness, Schenkenberg can be modest out of camera range. “I was embarrassed to show the [Calvin] pictures to my mom,” he admits. “They are kind of wild and racy. But she just told me how happy and proud she and my dad were.” True beauty, he adds, is “my girlfriend and Swedish summers.”