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For January 26, 2015

‘I wish him enough strength to make it through the hard parts’ Dianna Coles Matawan, N.J.

Brittany Maynard

Brittany Maynard is a hero. As a nurse, I give my all to save a patient who wants to be saved but refuse to condemn anyone who chooses a different path.

Sharon Liebherr


Why should you have to wait years in agony or lose your dignity because you can no longer care for yourself? I hope that one day all states will have “death with dignity” laws in effect so people will not be forced to move from their home as Brittany was.

Patricia Caggiano via e-mail

Jaime King

It’s nice to see a celebrity being so real about such a delicate subject as infertility. I am happy she has her son and a happy ending!

Somes via people.com

Canine Weight Loss

Kudos to Brooke Burton for rescuing her hoarder uncle’s neglected dachshund and giving him the gift of a healthy life. I’m happy for Dennis. The little guy deserves to be able to play with someone who loves him.

Lisa Schugardt

Levittown, Pa.

American Sniper

We need to continue Chris Kyle’s work and help our injured men and women, as well as assist his widow, Taya, in helping to enrich military marriages. Pro- or antiwar, it is time we give military personnel the respect they deserve.

Kelli A. Harro

Selinsgrove, Pa.

For January 19, 2015

Blake Lively

She’s the real thing—classy Hollywood glamour and style. I loved her in Savages and just about everything else she has done.

Bently via people.com

Congratulations to Blake and Ryan! Let them have their private moment and not share all the information with the world. They are brand-new parents. Let them enjoy the glow.

Sandy via people.com

Leelah Alcorn Suicide

I believe the parents didn’t know what to do. I feel sorry for them and their family. May God be with them during this difficult time.

Ryan Goodman via people.com

I was touched by the story of Leelah’s and her parents’ struggle. The hardest part of parenting is accepting your children for who they are, not turning them into who you want them to be. I just wish Leelah’s parents had been as courageous as she was.

Pam Hervey

Glen Allen, Va.

Hot Beach Bods

Brooke Shields looks gorgeous as always! Brooke, keep up whatever you’re doing. Wow!

Donna Chagnon

Bow, N.H.

Sailor Gutzler

What must have been going on in her young mind after she realized her parents, sister and cousin could not help her and that she was all alone at that point? God bless this precious and brave little girl.

Nancy via people.com

What an amazing, inspirational little girl! May she be surrounded by nothing but love and happiness throughout her life.

Brianne via people.com

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