January 19, 2015 12:00 PM

‘Robin, there’s a huge space here that no one will fill. RIP’

Angela Trent Southport, N.C.

For December 29, 2014

Robin Williams

As one of Robin’s legions of fans, I sit here reading this tribute to him and realize just how much smaller the world is without his grace, generosity, warmth, laughter and talent. Everything that he encompassed filled people with joy. He is so incredibly missed.

Tracye Jorgensen Calgary, Alta.

Alexis Shapiro

The best thing about PEOPLE’s 12/29 issue? Seeing the beautiful smile on the face of Alexis Shapiro after her amazing weight loss. Keep up the great work, little lady!

R. Renteria Turlock, Calif.

Having a daughter the same age as Alexis, I read the story to her and reminded her to always be nice to everyone because everyone has a story that we might not know. I am so glad to hear of Alexis’s progress and wish her the best!

Amy Novak Covington, Ky.

Stephen Collins

I appreciate a person’s effort to heal themselves and atone for their wrongdoings, but by abusing these children, Stephen Collins stole the fragile innocence they were born with and set them on a downward trajectory of self-doubt and self-abuse. Quite frankly, he can keep his apology.

Stephanie Green Spring, Texas

For December 22, 2014

Most Intriguing

We read with great interest your article on Angelina Jolie and her film Unbroken. Louis Zamperini was the church youth leader to all our four children. The movie is only the beginning. People need to read the book to have his whole incredible story.

Nancy Gastil Glendale, Calif.


Shirley Temple Black was sadly left out of the list of stars that we lost this year. Being a big fan who grew up watching the amazing work of this woman, not only in her acting but in her political career and as a breast cancer patient advocate of the ’70s, I was very saddened that she was not mentioned.

Deann Pitcher via e-mail

I remember being in a crowded waiting room at Duke Hospital in 1990, and there was Joan Rivers on television. My family got some bad medical news, but her presence was unforgettable. That day she was more company to me than any stranger sitting right beside me.

Delores Kerns Sutherlin, Va.

The Year in Pictures

The picture of Sgt. Bret Barnum hugging Devonte Hart during a rally in Portland, Ore., to support Ferguson protestors was compelling. Devonte, you have more class and intelligence in your little finger than many adults have in their entire bodies. Sgt. Barnum, you rock!

Pam Jung via e-mail

The Fallen

I noticed you did not list the members of the military who passed away like you normally do. I think they should always be recognized.

Melissa Fambro Dayton, Ohio

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