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For March 30, 2015

‘He is still the most “normal” one from that family’

Robin Wargo via e-mail

Bruce Jenner

What I see in the midst of all of this is that all of those kids adore him. He seems so kind and down-to-earth. He has spent years and years being who and what everyone else needed him to be. It’s his turn now, and I hope Bruce finds true happiness.

Mary Beth via

Raising Quadruplets

I’m definitely Team Bruce, and I understand that Bruce’s transition from male to female interests a lot of people. But the person who really deserved to be on the cover was Carlos Morales, the new father who lost his wife shortly after childbirth and is now raising four newborns on his own. He is doing something that thankfully very few people will ever have to endure.

Kathy Chambers-Lowenstein Hayward, Calif.

I held back tears as I was reading and looking through photos. I can’t imagine the pain his family must feel, but Carlos is truly blessed to have such an amazing support system. My prayers go out to Carlos, his family and his beautiful babies.

Nisse Chism Alexandria, Va.

This was such an inspiring story. Carlos Morales could have easily given up. But he didn’t, because he knew his wife would want him to carry on and take care of those four beautiful babies. He is doing a terrific job, and I know his wife is with him and watching over those precious babies.

Lainey Buncik River Oaks, Texas

Julie Andrews

The Sound of Music is 50! Where did the years go? I loved this movie from the first time I saw it at 6 years old, and I love it just as much today! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Julie Andrews, for filling my life with the sound of music.

Sheila Staley Dayton

Robert Herjavec

Thank you for the insight into Robert Herjavec’s approach to living. He is my favorite Shark on Shark Tank because I have always [admired] his giving heart on the show. I wish him well as he faces his new normal [after his divorce]. I pray his children will recognize what a good person he is and return to embrace him.

Lois Craigie Austin, Texas


Little Family, Big News

A lot has changed for Amber and Trent Johnston and their five children – all achondroplasia dwarfs – since we wrote about them in our Aug. 20, 2012, issue. For starters they are now reality TV stars, with a TLC show, 7 Little Johnstons, premiering March 31 at 10 p.m. “We are ecstatic,” Amber, 35, tells People exclusively. They also sold their old house in Barnesville, Ga., and moved to a fixer-upper in nearby Forsyth last year – and are doing all the renovations themselves. “Amber and I rewired the house before we moved in,” says Trent, 39, a grounds supervisor at a local college. “And when we did move in, the bottom floor was the only thing that was livable.” Amber hopes their new show conveys that can-do spirit. “We don’t let our size get in the way,” she says. “Nothing stops us.”

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