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For July 28, 2014

‘George looks just like his dad did at that age’

Diane R. via

Prince George

Such a happy little boy, such a happy little family. He is growing up so quickly and already has a “regal” air about him. Thank you for a delightful update on this little man’s continuing journey through life.

Paulette R. Kershner

Jeffersonville, Ind.

Loved the adorable photo of George on the cover. However, on closer inspection, it looked like he had lipstick on! Such an adorable child does not need that much embellishment.

Pamela A. Fullem

Oronoco, Minn.

My family and I enjoy reading PEOPLE each week, but we’re tired of the excessive media attention given to the “royal family.” Every parent believes his or her child is a little prince or princess.

Rick Allred

Gardendale, Ala.

Ryan & Eva

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are both beautiful people and kind of alike. They stay out of the limelight, have close families, no scandals, and have been together for a while now. I wish them the best!

Linda La Placa via Facebook

Am I the only one who thinks this pairing is the weirdest ever? I would not have thought that they would be a couple. But good for them.

Andrea Fogderud via Facebook

Pamela Smart

I’m all for prisoners bettering themselves in prison, especially given the chance to rejoin society, but what astounds me is that Pamela Smart has been able to earn two master’s degrees while incarcerated. I’m struggling to afford my bachelor’s!

Betty Greene

Seward, Neb.


In “The To Die for Killer” in the July 28 issue, a photo caption stating that Pamela Smart posed in her underwear for William “Billy” Flynn should have noted that the photo was taken by a friend and given to Flynn at a later date, according to prosecutors. Smart maintains that the photo depicts her in a bikini and was not intended for Flynn.


In our July 14 issue we incorrectly identified a photo of actor Eli Wallach in the film The Magnificent Seven. We regret the error.


Firemen Gave Him a Family

For our June 23, 2014, Heroes Among Us feature, we shared the heartwarming story of Tony Tumminello. The 73-year-old mentally challenged flower shop sweeper was taken in and unofficially adopted by the firemen of Fire Station One in Lansing, Mich., more than 60 years ago. People readers have responded with an outpouring of letters expressing not only how touched they were by the firefighters’ selfless deed, but how other firemen have enriched their lives. “Your story reminds me of when my family immigrated to America in 1951,” writes Erika Marston of Winter Haven, Fla. “We had no TV in our small apartment, but the firemen at the station across the street let me and my brother watch TV with them.” Writes Ruth Cilley of Peterborough, N.H.: “There’s a common thread that runs through firefighters—in addition to their bravery, there’s compassion.”

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