December 29, 2014 12:00 PM

For December 15, 2014

‘The poor families of both his wives … how sad’

Gina Kelly Kehoe via Facebook

Did He Kill Two Wives?

The irony is that while the alleged murderer only had a relatively small $496,000 policy on his first victim, he raised the ante to $4.5 million for his second one. Certainly the amount of the policy should have aroused some suspicion from the insurance company, coupled with the previous collection on his first victim’s death.

Nelson Marans Silver Spring, Md.

Nick Vujicic

Here I was feeling sorry for myself because I had shoulder surgery five weeks ago and still cannot use my arm. Reading this article, I realized that I was looking at my glass as mostly empty, instead of realizing that my cup truly runneth over. But most importantly, the article really brought “bullying” into the forefront of my mind. It truly is an epidemic.

Cissy J. Foster Myrtle Beach, S.C.

I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Nick speak at a conference . He is bright, articulate and the most positive person I have ever seen. Despite his challenges, he gives others hope.

Beverly Mueller South Park, Pa.

I have been so humbled and inspired by Nick Vujicic. When he speaks he has your full attention. I think he should have been your cover, but I’m happy to see a story about this remarkable man.

Chie Smith Richardson, Texas

Mia Love

The new congresswoman from Utah promises to be “the Democrats’ nightmare.” All this time I was led to believe that elected officials were committed to serve the people. Thanks for telling the truth. Brenda Crowe Thornton, Colo.

Finally, an article on someone interesting in politics. I am excited about Mia Love.

Connie Moore Suffolk, Va.


In the Dec. 8 “Why I Care” story on Theo Rossi we incorrectly stated the website of the Boot Campaign, which is In the Dec. 22 Star Tracks section, we misstated the number of children Nicole Kidman has. She has four: Bella, Connor, Sunday Rose and Faith. PEOPLE regrets the errors.


Heroes Helping Heroes

Since we shared, in our June 2 issue, the story of Sgt. Cory Remsburg’s comeback from a traumatic brain injury suffered in Afghanistan, the Army Ranger, 32, and the family dedicated to his recovery were honored by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. At the former First Lady’s eponymous Institute for Caregiving, she and the former President named Cory’s father, Craig, and stepmother, Annie, “Military Caregivers of the Year”—recognition that Craig called “humbling.” Cory is now preparing to move into a home of his own, courtesy of the Ranger Lead the Way Fund and Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors, and start volunteer work helping other vets. “Cory’s got another mission in front of him, and he takes that very seriously,” says his dad.

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