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For October 20, 2014

‘Taylor looks beautiful. She is always a class act’

Michelle Marie M via Facebook

40th Anniversary

Happy 40th anniversary, PEOPLE. I cannot believe that this publication has reached its big milestone. Thank you, PEOPLE magazine, for publishing the 40th-anniversary special double issue, because it features two front covers on each side.

Melanie Barnett

Oshawa, Ontario

40 great years of all kinds of info, from the trivial to events that make history. I have the entire collection, 40 years’ worth of the magazine. I tell my daughters the history of their life is in that collection!! I get the feeling they actually believe me!!

Linda Knouse Stotts via Facebook

I really like Taylor Swift, and if any young women need a role model, this is someone they could look up to. She is really a classy young woman. She dresses beautifully for someone her age, and is very smart and talented.

Diana Fetterman via People.com

Teresa & Joe Giudice

Gia, your parents should be very proud of you. Even though they made a mistake, they obviously love their girls, and I hope the family survives through this very stressful time.

Molly S Williams via People.com

Joe was not thinking of his family when he stole all that money. Also, where did Teresa think all that money was coming from to live the life of a queen? Sorry, she’s as much to blame as Joe. You do the crime, you do the time.

Nancy Walker via People.com

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

More reasons to be jealous of Blake to come—adorable bump and maternity style! I’m sure she’ll have glowing skin to boot.

Jennifer Davenport via Facebook


In our Oct. 20 issue, we misidentified Louis B. Mayer (center flanked by Judy Garland and Irving Berlin). In “Puzzler,” we also incorrectly stated that Big Love’s characters are a part of the LDS. PEOPLE regrets the errors.


Prison for Mom in Autism Case

After saying her daughter with autism is “not a monster—I am,” Kelli Stapleton, 46, of Elberta, Mich., was sentenced on Oct. 8 to 10 to 22 years in prison for her guilty plea to child abuse for the attempted carbon-monoxide poisoning last year of Isabelle, now 15. Stapleton, who we first wrote about in our Sept. 23, 2013, issue, had blogged about her fears and frustrations living with Isabelle, who was prone to occasional violent outbursts. Prosecutors say Stapleton tried murder-suicide by shutting herself and her daughter in a closed van with two lighted charcoal grills. A forensic psychiatrist testified that Stapleton was legally insane at the time of the crime, according to the Associated Press. “The reality is she lost hope and had the delusion that people’s lives would be better without Issy,” said Matt Stapleton, 42, her now ex-husband, who is raising Isabelle and her two siblings.

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