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For June 2, 2014

‘Maks and Val are sizzling hot but also so funny’

Jane Smith via People.com

Hottest Beach Bodies

My heart skipped a beat after I looked at the amazing photo of Dancing with the Stars professionals Maksim and Val Chmerkovskiy practically naked in your hottest-bodies story. Those brothers are both so talented and so hot! Thanks for the nice picture.

James Foster via e-mail

Recently there have been lots of near-naked photos in People magazine. It’s not necessary to show every inch of a celeb’s body for readers to see that they are in shape.

Andrea Turnbow via e-mail

I appreciate the value of pieces on health and fitness, but the 29-page Most Talked About Bodies feature in the June 2 issue sends the wrong message. Please focus more on inner beauty. People of all sizes can be gorgeous. We are all beautiful, especially when we allow our imperfections to shine through.

Rebecca Rozell via e-mail

Drew Barrymore

I highly enjoyed your June 2 cover story on Drew Barrymore and her new daughter, Frankie. I’m so happy she has found true love. She and her husband have been blessed with two beautiful children. Her happiness is apparent—the pictures say it all!

Judy Drummond

Bogalusa, La.

I’m thrilled that Drew Barrymore found the love and happiness that she never dreamed of. She deserves it.

Marilyn Galli

Carmel, Calif.

Elin Nordegren

Way to go, Elin, for moving forward so courageously after the public humiliation you endured when your ex-husband Tiger Woods was outed by the tabloids in 2009 for having been with dozens of women. My heart broke for you then. I am so happy that you came through that ordeal so successfully—still focused on your children and yourself.

Paige Saussy

Savannah, Ga.

In all the articles I’ve read about Elin Nordegren and in all the photos I’ve seen of her, I do not remember seeing Elin smile genuinely until your story. Her smile transforms her. Elin shows that happiness and peace of mind are a powerful and life-changing thing.

Edna McCoy

Belleville, Mich.


Sante Kimes Dies in Prison

During the second of her two murder trials, a California judge described Sante Kimes, who died in prison on May 19 at 79, as “one of the most evil individuals” she’d ever met. But it was the first trial that made the scam artist’s reputation, as Kimes and her son Kenny were convicted in the 1998 killing of Irene Silverman, a New York City widow. The pair killed the 82-year-old socialite in an elaborate plot to steal her $7 million townhouse. The New York trial fueled two TV movies and earned Kimes a life sentence for murder in 2000. Four years later she was found guilty again, this time for the death of a former friend whose body was found in a Los Angeles trash bin. Kenny Kimes, 39, is serving a life sentence in California.

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