January 20, 2014 12:00 PM


“Love this issue. Nice to see some healthy, sexy, curvy women”

Trish Chasity via people.com

Thank you for your regular January reports on everyday folks who’ve lost large amounts of weight. After yo-yo dieting for 10 years, I finally lost 75 lbs. I found inspiration in PEOPLE on the long road to weight loss and maintenance.

Laurelle Harris via e-mail

I love your magazine, and I especially love the Half Their Size issue because—let’s get real—that takes a lot of work. What I don’t like is the tagline “No Surgery! No Gimmicks!” Those of us who have had bariatric surgery work just as hard to lose weight. Surgery or not, weight loss is hard.

Nicole Johansen Milwaukee


I am sorry Tori is having a difficult time with the rumors about her husband’s infidelity. But didn’t she and her husband both cheat on their respective spouses when they first met and hooked up? Didn’t they leave their spouses to be together? Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Sue Grey Syosset, N.Y.

I had to laugh when I read that someone said about Tori, “She’s an incredibly loyal person.” Weren’t Tori and Dean both married to others when they hooked up, just like Eddie and LeAnn, and Brad Pitt? These celebs should add the vow “or until someone else comes along.”

Patty Beeftink Glenview, Ill.


I read with interest that Janice Mathis, vice president of the civil rights group Rainbow PUSH coalition in Atlanta, suggested removing Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty for using his First Amendment right to express his opinion. The NAACP had similar sentiments. My goodness, haven’t they been fighting for the right to speak and live free within the United States of America? Have they forgotten that expressing opposing opinions is one of the freedoms we enjoy?

Deborah O’Brien Maple Valley, Wash.

All humans should have the same basic rights, but people like Phil Robertson would take away the rights of gay people. That is why people are offended. If this were just about his opinion, then who cares? But Robertson’s views help perpetuate the discrimination.

Molly Anderson via people.com


His intentions are great, and he seems happy, but I just don’t think he looks healthy this thin.

James Cannon via people.com


I like to believe that Patrick Swayze took his widow Lisa’s hand and led her to a new love so she wouldn’t have to face her future all alone. And she looks beautiful!

Stacy Palitza via people.com


A Teen Girl’s Gift of Life

In our Jan. 21, 2013, issue, we told the inspiring story of Tara and Todd Storch, whose 13-year-old daughter Taylor died in a 2010 ski accident; her donated organs gave life to five others. Sadly, heart recipient Patricia Winters, 43, of Chandler, Ariz., died of heart-related complications on Dec. 19. But Winters, a nurse and mom of two sons, treasured the almost four years Taylor gave her, says her husband, Joe. “We’re so thankful,” he says. “And Patricia was a donor too, so she’s paying it forward.” The Storches, of Coppell, Texas, say their Taylor’s Gift Foundation has helped the state increase organ donor registration by millions. For more information, visit taylorsgift.org.

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