April 14, 2014 12:00 PM


“There’s plenty said of Oscar, but what of Reeva’s life cut short?”

Heather Dover, Rocky Mount, N.C.

I was impressed to see that you chose to feature Reeva Steenkamp on the cover instead of displaying a large photo of Oscar Pistorius. Her promising future was snuffed out like a candle. She doesn’t deserve to be forgotten amidst a sea of sensationalism and revelations focusing on Pistorius.

Lori List

Waterford, Mich.

It is important that Oscar Pistorius receive the backlash from the media and world that he has. Celebrities and public figures do not deserve to get a free pass because of their fame.

Leanza Hunt

Sugar Hill, N.H.

Did you have to put a shirtless picture of Oscar Pistorius in this article? I would have preferred to see a picture of him in prison garb. He killed Reeva Steenkamp. To glamorize him in any way is vulgar, tacky and disrespectful to her memory.

H. G. Miller

Portsmouth, Va.


Thank you for the piece on Theo James. As a significantly older woman who still can appreciate a handsome man, I can’t help but wonder if Mr. James’s older brothers are as good-looking.

Barbara Roberts via e-mail


The Good Wife’s Josh Charles says in your article, “Everything is all good!” I hate to tell him, but everything is not all good! I want Will Gardner back right now!

Susan Baker via e-mail


Thank you so much for your inspiring and heartwarming story on Amazing Pets. I am an animal lover and know the power of friendship, affection and loyalty pets can offer their human families.

Elizabeth Frye via e-mail

What a wonderful story about Ashley and Riley. I too helped a malnourished cat who came into my life at a crucial time. She was shot and also had a broken hip. Our vet helped Miss Lilly recover, and she is now our pet. She’s a godsend, as Riley is to Ashley.

Janet Hanshaw via e-mail


Ashton Kutcher asked Mila Kunis’s father for permission before he proposed? After you’ve gotten the father’s daughter pregnant, what’s a dad to say?

Susan Stitt

Senoia, Ga.


In your article on Jennifer Aniston, she mentioned Aveeno products so much I felt like I was reading a commercial. She may be the face for them, but I don’t believe for one minute she actually uses Aveeno personally. Who uses Chanel bronzer and $15 moisturizer? That’s just silly.

Erin Wendt

Fridley, Minn.


Guilty As Charged

Our Sept. 30, 2013, cover story looked into the chilling Montana honeymoon case of Cody Johnson, who plummeted to his death after his new wife, Jordan Graham, pushed him off a cliff. This week Graham, 22, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in December, was sentenced to 30 years in prison and ordered to pay $17,000 in restitution. During her tearful statement from the stand, she reportedly apologized to Johnson’s family and her own, telling the court, “It was a moment of complete shock and panic…. I have no other explanation.”

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