August 19, 2013 12:00 PM


“Best of luck to William, Kate and baby George. William, your mum would be so proud of you”

Carmen Moreno-Parsons

Vicksburg, Mich.

Your special issue on the royal family following the birth of Prince William and Kate’s firstborn was welcome and outstanding. Your reporting up to and after the birth, in addition to the history on the royal family inside the magazine, made it the collector’s issue you labeled it.

James N. Selvidge

Burlington, Wash.

Many thanks for the lovely photos and article on the birth of Prince George. Since I was a kid, I’ve been enthralled by the royal family—especially Princess Diana. So when I saw the Missing Diana section of this edition, it brought tears to my eyes. What a great addition to a beautiful issue.

Lauren Markham

Panama City, Fla.


I was beyond touched by your story about Gov. Susana Martinez and her sister Lettie. I have a developmentally disabled sister too. I just retired, and my sister Dixie will be moving from a group home and in with my husband and me. Like Lettie, she is a joy and a blessing.

Glenda Woody

Mountain Park, Okla.

It’s amazing how Governor Martinez, who uses her sister’s special needs as part of her political forum, doesn’t seem to have time to talk to the New Mexico disabled community in regards to the drastic funding cuts that have been made. My daughter Tess is one of many who will suffer because of these cuts.

Camie Maloy



Shame on you for stating Food Network chef Gina Neely “was no longer comfortable with her size 8 body.” I think it’s great to see that she is getting healthy. That’s what she should be talking about—not making remarks insinuating that a size 8 is fat. We have too many young women with body issues, and this sends them the wrong message.

Dana MacKenzie

New Haven


After reading the article about the art thief whose mother allegedly incinerated the evidence and destroyed works from historic painters, I’m completely appalled. These were some of my favorite artists. What was this woman thinking? I can understand wanting to protect your child, but those paintings were priceless. It’s so sad no one will ever be able to look upon these original paintings again.

Autumn Hendricks

via e-mail


My friend and I were shocked and saddened to learn of the untimely passing of Law & Order actor Dennis Farina. We met him once during a celebrity golf tournament in the early ’90s. He made us laugh and graciously posed for a photograph with us. Dennis, we will miss you.

Margaret Fletcher

Sunnyvale, Calif.


In our Aug. 12 Scoop story on Teresa and Joe Giudice, we misstated the number of children they have. They have four children. We regret the error.


Six years after his wife and two daughters were murdered in a brutal home invasion in Connecticut, Dr. William Petit Jr. announced that he and his second wife, Christine, are expecting a child in December. “We are very excited!” Petit, 56, wrote on his Twitter page Aug. 2 as congratulatory tweets came pouring in. Petit and Christine, 36, a photographer, were married last August. Friends of the couple’s say they are overjoyed. “Everyone is so happy for them,” says Ann Baldwin, a longtime friend of the Petits’. “In the wake of all the tragedy he’s experienced, the fact they’re welcoming a new life into this world is just fantastic.”

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