By People Staff
July 22, 2013 12:00 PM


“What Paula said was wrong and she has apologized. We’ve all been taught to forgive, so let’s forgive her”

Valerie King

Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

Celebrity chef Paula Deen may be a “bawdy broad,” but that doesn’t excuse her actions in using a racial slur. There’s simply no justification for these slurs ever. I’m sure she has learned her lesson.

Nancy Orr

Richardson, Texas

I support Paula 10,000 percent. Being fired from the Food Network and losing lots of her important endorsement deals is unfair. She has done nothing but bust her buns to create a decent living for her and her sons. Paula, I got your back, sister. Keep your chin up and your eyes forward. This too will pass, and you will be stronger, wiser and will continue to shine as you have always done.

Didi Garlow

Stanwood, Wash.


My heart is broken to know that actor James Gandolfini has died suddenly. We are now stripped of the countless extraordinary future performances he would have given in film, stage and television. He was one of the few actors today that truly enjoyed his profession and took his craft seriously and emotionally. What a loss for his family and friends.

Sue Glick

Stratford, Conn.

Your classy black-and-white photos were a lovely tribute to an amazing actor. It showed his tough yet sensitive side. Thanks, Mr. Gandolfini, for bringing us a multilayered character in Tony Soprano and for being a class act yourself.

Kirstin Carr

Niskayuna, N.Y.

We lose a beautiful human being and Paula Deen gets the cover? What a sad commentary on our society if this is what you think people are interested in. James Gandolfini gave so many of us who didn’t know him such enjoyment, and those who did know him so much love and kindness.

Jill Gordon

Lawrence, N.Y.


Kudos for your four-page Cyndi Lauper story! I’ve been a fan since I was a teen. As a gay man I’m proud to consider her an ally, and as a lifelong fan I couldn’t be happier for her after her recent Tony win for Kinky Boots. She is my personal hero.

Todd Storey

via e-mail


I loved the celeb-kid roundup you did in Star Tracks. Seeing Sandra Bullock with her son Louis, Jennifer Lopez cuddling with her twins and Russell Crowe smiling with his sons was heartwarming.

Katherine Warner

via e-mail


When I read the letters in your July edition, I couldn’t believe someone said that you’ve put Jennifer Aniston on the cover too much. Jen is America’s sweetheart, and we love to read all about her. Put her on the cover as much as you want!

Judy Thies

Liberty, Mo.

In our July 15 Kim Kardashian story, the photo for the baby blanket was supplied by Little Giraffe and the perfume photo was from BERJANGUSA.


We received 40 overwhelmingly positive letters about Nikki, a 12-year-old transgender girl, and her family, whom we profiled in our July 8 issue. Holly Mitchell, the mother of a 5-year-old transgender girl from Philadelphia, wrote, “Bravo to Nikki and her family for sharing their story of unconditional love and acceptance. It will help change attitudes to something many understand so little about.”

Nikki’s parents, Marci and Barry, say they’re overwhelmed by the support. “People are opening their hearts and minds and seeing that this was a difficult decision,” Marci says, “but that we’re doing the right thing for our child.”