November 11, 2013 12:00 PM


“I’m so happy to see that Mischa’s turned her life around”

Breanna Hughes via e-mail

Bravo to Mischa for opening up about her past struggles and confronting the haters. The only reason they hate is because they’re not you, Mischa! I can’t wait to see what projects are next for her. Continue to come out on top.

Angie Bohner

Rocky Mount, N.C.

Another Hollywood star descends into drugs, struggles, rehabs and recovers. Please stop boring us over and over with these tales all the while making heroes out of the subjects.

Sunny Kreis Collins

Palm Desert, Calif.


So great to see people who genuinely want to make a difference in the upcoming generation get some proper recognition. Teachers play a significant role in everyone’s life at some point. Celebrities had to learn how to read a script from somewhere!

Charnie Dondrea


Teachers of the Year are far more deserving of a reality series than the Kardashian clan. Too bad America doesn’t have an obsession with selfless desire to help others.

Janese Osborne

via e-mail


Notice how all the reality show families finish in a divorce. There is no surprise here. It’s sad, but it’s bound to happen when so much is exposed.

Lita Raymundo

via e-mail

Good for Bruce. Please stay in Malibu spending time with all your children. Hopefully it’s not too late for your younger daughters to see the difference between good and not so good.

Lisa Collins

via e-mail


I look forward to seeing 12 Years a Slave in the coming weeks. It sounds like a masterpiece on film. Black Americans with ancestors who were slaves deserve great respect from us all. [But] I can’t help wondering why the review ended with the words, “As Americans, we all stand on the backs of slaves.” I find that offensive.

Linda Breeding

via e-mail


Congrats to Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein and big brother Will on the adoption of their daughter Zoey! My kids and I are huge fans of The Little Couple, and we couldn’t be happier for them. It’s so great to be able to watch such a family-oriented and inspiring show with my kids

Heather Shaffer

Sun Prairie, Wis.


Medical Mystery Girl Dies

Brooke Greenberg, who stopped growing as an infant due to a disease now known as syndrome X, died on Oct. 24 of respiratory complications at Baltimore’s Sinai Hospital. She was 20. Brooke made headlines around the world as “the girl frozen in time,” and PEOPLE told her story twice, including most recently in the Aug. 17, 2009, issue. “She was so special,” her mother, Melanie, says of Brooke. Melanie, who is at home with husband Howard and daughters Carly, Caitlin and Emily, says of the family, “We’re holding up as best we can.”


In our story on Olympian Greg Louganis’s wedding to paralegal Johnny Chaillot, we incorrectly credited the photographer of the main picture. The image was taken by Viridiana Lieberman. We regret the error.

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