October 28, 2013 12:00 PM


“Her movies are timeless. She will always be a star in my book”

Reader comment on People.com

In your write-up on Meg Ryan, one more movie should be acknowledged: City of Angels. I thought it was the most touching movie. She is very talented.

Julie Ann

via e-mail

Meg Ryan is a fine actress who has given us some much beloved movie characters. Why in the world would you put her face on the cover and publish photos of her children when she is trying hard to live her life out of the limelight and has clearly requested her privacy? Shame on you.

Noel Wicke

Monterey, Mass.

Meg Ryan’s escape from the limelight is a nonevent and certainly not worth the cover. But thank you for a picture of her lovely haircut and color to take to my stylist.

Brenda Sullivan

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Just read an awesome article on Steve Harvey and was wondering why this story wasn’t worthy of a full cover? He has an amazing success story and deserves a full cover. Do the right thing, PEOPLE, and give him the full cover he deserves.


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Thank you, PEOPLE magazine, for the insider’s look at Kathy Griffin’s home. It is exquisite. But can someone please tell Kathy to stop torturing her face with plastic surgery?

Iliana Allen

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I am in shock that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian found it necessary to leave their 4-month-old daughter behind when taking a business/pleasure trip to Paris. This isn’t a trip to the grocery store or going to a movie. As far as I am concerned, it was irresponsible and selfish. My advice to them is to spend as much time with their baby as possible. It is the best thing they can do for her.

Donna Long

via e-mail

Jetting off to Paris and leaving the baby to a nanny is ridiculous. Kim doesn’t know her priorities, and that family is so dysfunctional.

Bernie Velasquez

San Francisco


I just read your brand comparison between Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow and just wanted you to know how Alba’s “philosophies” sound so much more down-to-earth and realistic than Paltrow’s. Seriously—a private sailboat trip around Indonesia and $545 bags? Bike sharing and bubbles work for me! Thank you, Jessica, for thinking of real women and middle-class families.

Annette Hatfield Rowe

Vancouver, Wash.

UPDATE | Continuing to Build

Firefighter Bill Lavin, who is currently in the process of building 26 playgrounds in areas destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, has received an outpouring of financial and emotional support since our Sept. 23 story. Lavin and his team, who dedicate each playground to a victim from Sandy Hook Elementary School, have now built 10 playgrounds and have received almost $500,000 more in donations and calls from as far away as Wales in support of the playgrounds. “I have to pinch myself,” says Lavin. “It’s a blessing and gives me new faith and hope in mankind. This is bringing out the very best in people.”


In our story about Marie Monville, the widow of the gunman in 2006’s Amish school shooting, we misspelled her youngest son Carson’s name, and the actual title of her memoir is One Light Still Shines. We regret the errors.

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