February 18, 2013 12:00 PM


Jennifer Lopez‘s upbeat attitude is refreshing, especially when she exclaims, ‘Anything is possible'”

David Kaliner Las Vegas

I certainly enjoyed your article on Jennifer Lopez. What a beautiful and talented entertainer.

Pamela Hairston Martinsville, Va.

If you look at Ms. Lopez’s relationship history, I would say she isn’t the best judge of whether she is “wiser” or “more herself” now. It would behoove her to spend a little “alone time” to get some clarity on her life.

Seraphine Flores New York, N.Y.

Jennifer Lopez admits in your article that her own decision-making has led to the failures of her romances and three marriages, but she says, “I don’t regret those things—that’s who I am.” As a friend of mine says, “When you hit a third divorce, what’s the one constant? Look in the mirror and find out.”

Lloyd Marshall Jr. Lockport, N.Y.

Thank you for profiling Jennifer Lopez in your Jan. 28 issue. I have loved her throughout her remarkable career. She always proves her detractors wrong.

Yvonne Sanchez via e-mail


Wanna know why Dustin Hoffman was an unlikely sex symbol? Because he was an over-the-top, talented actor. Who couldn’t love that? He had me in Midnight Cowboy.

Suzie Racanello Mt. Vernon, Wash.

Thank you for the photo retrospective of my favorite actor, Dustin Hoffman (no relation). I was 15 when The Graduate came out. To gain popularity among my friends, I bragged that he was my first cousin. I basked vicariously in his fame for a few months until my sister set her wedding date, whereupon I was busted when my friends all wanted to know if he would be at the wedding. I hope all these years later that he will forgive me for capitalizing on his immense popularity.

Judith A. Hoffman Columbus, Ohio


As always, I am sure that Nicki Minaj was trying to be funny when she said in the “One Last Thing” article that if she had no heaters in her hotel room(s) someone would be “yelled at.” We all put our pants on one leg at a time, and she is no exception. She needs to remember that employees helped make her who she is today. It’s the people behind the scenes who provide the comforts that she enjoys.

Lee Pickett Lubbock, Texas


I found it curious that Demi Moore spent two weeks at Bikini Bootcamp, indulging in yoga, cleansing rituals and fresh juices, yet in your photo she is holding a Red Bull. Counterproductive or what?

Janis Van der Wel Lantana, Fla.


Since sharing the loss of her daughter in our Jan. 28 article about the dramatic increase of accidental deaths caused by prescription drugs, Krystal Uher, 64, has heard from many concerned friends and neighbors. “It’s opened up a lot of eyes,” says the day-care provider, whose 26-year-old daughter Melanie Flom died of an unintentional overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol on April 16, 2011, 14 days after giving birth to daughter Jace (left). In telling her daughter’s story, Uher says, “it’s like Mel and I are working together for a common cause.”

Corrections In a photo caption in the Star Tracks section of our Feb. 4 issue, we misidentified Paul McCartney’s granddaughter Bailey as his daughter Beatrice. We regret the error.

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