May 27, 2013 12:00 PM


“Kate Middleton can wear anything and always look fab because she is comfortable in her own skin”

Jennifer Koch via e-mail

I just love Princess Kate and I respect her even more. She sets a wonderful example as a public person who is unpretentious about her pregnancy and wardrobe. It’s refreshing to see a young woman dressed beautifully and modestly (call it retro, if you like) instead of the tight T-shirts, belly-exposing tops and other flagrant clothing we see on other pregnant celebrities. Good for you, Kate!

Cheryl Heser Forsyth, Mont.


All of us are well aware it is irresponsible and dangerous to drive while intoxicated, and Reese Witherspoon and her husband, Jim Toth, should be ashamed for their actions. On the flip side, I give kudos to her for publicly apologizing to law enforcement and to the general public for her deplorable behavior. She could have chosen to say nothing like many high-profile celebs have done in the past. Instead she admittedly addressed her mistake. I applaud her for doing that.

Jean Creissen Centennial, Colo.


I was ecstatic to find out that Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold, stars of TLC’s reality show The Little Couple, were finally able to become parents by adopting a son with dwarfism named William from Beijing. After so many years of heart-wrenching pain, I’m thrilled their dream is now a reality. They’re such loving people and William is a lucky boy.

Karen Chapman via e-mail


The story of Jackie Hance, who lost her three young daughters in a horrific 2009 car accident, was extremely moving, and it touched my heart to the core. I ache for her family, and I plan on purchasing her book I’ll See You Again to show my support. She has incredible strength, and my heart and prayers truly go out to the entire Hance family.

Lauren Osters Palatine, Ill.


Thanks for interviewing Wellston, Ohio, English teacher Ellen McCabe, who runs a prep class to help students prepare for college. She is a remarkable woman who deserves lots of praise. Without teachers like her, students wouldn’t be able to pursue their dreams. She’s amazing!

Louise Sandford St. Louis


Your charticle about what will celebs look like when they’re older was entertaining and spot on! It’s uncanny how the contributor found stars such as Harry Styles and Mick Jagger looking so much alike.

Leah Range via e-mail

Editor’s Note

In our special collector’s issue devoted to 25 seasons of the Bachelor franchise, the final line of our interview with Sean Lowe on page 7 was cut off. The line in its entirety should have read, “I promise I will never be with more than one woman ever again!” We regret the error.


Surfer Bethany Hamilton, 23, who lost her arm after a shark bite at age 13, is getting married. Boyfriend Adam Dirks, 24, a Christian youth-ministry leader, proposed on April 9, 2012, and Hamilton just announced the engagement on her blog May 1. “I’m looking forward to sharing my life with someone so awesome,” she tells PEOPLE. The Hawaii resident, who turned pro in 2007 four years after her injury, shared her story in the film Soul Surfer. Hamilton, whose fiancé is not a surfer, says that she doesn’t mind: “There’s much more to me than the ocean, but he’s catching on!”

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