May 20, 2013 12:00 PM


“Gwyneth is the definition of beauty. She’s warm, confident, intelligent and loves her family”

Tina Collins via e-mail

It was exciting to see Gwyneth Paltrow named as the world’s most beautiful woman this year. She deserves the title. Not only is she an incredible actress, but she realizes what’s important in life, and that’s family. She puts her loved ones before her career and promotes a healthy self-image for her daughter Apple so that she will grow up to be beautiful from within. Encouraging children to be who they are and setting an example for who you think they can become is the most beautiful quality a person can posses.

Jordan Gore via e-mail

I was sorely disappointed that you chose Gwyneth Paltrow as the world’s most beautiful woman. Don’t get me wrong, she is beautiful, but I find her lifestyle not relatable to the average real woman.

Madeline Baier Milwaukee


Wow, I cannot believe singer Sheryl Crow is 51 years old. She looks incredible and should be proud of her rockin’ body. I’m going to start eating fish every other day and give up food with red dye in it like her. I hope the effects will be the same for me.

Andrea Turner San Francisco


Your one-on-one interview with Amanda Knox, the University of Washington student who spent four years in an Italian prison after her roommate Meredith Kercher was found murdered in the house they shared, was very captivating. I’ve been following her story, and I still don’t know if she’s a victim or a villain. But it was interesting to hear her story in her own words.

Sharon King via e-mail


Congrats to beach volleyball champ Kerri Walsh Jennings on the birth of her third child, baby girl Scout Margery. The three-time gold medal winner looks so happy, and she really seems to have it all: a happy family and a successful career. Thanks for being a fantastic role model.

Carrie Brooks Dallas


I was overjoyed with happiness when I saw the Chatter interview with Scandal actor Tony Goldwyn. He’s an amazing actor and director. Reading every detail about his real personality was a treat. He’s so endearing and hot!

Lauren Stein via e-mail


Thanks for including a cute photo of Britney Spears with her two sons Jayden and Sean Preston at an L.A. Dodgers game. I’m so proud of Britney for being a present mother. Her boys are growing up to be normal, adjusted kids. I’m glad that she has overcome her past struggles and is living a happy and sane life.

Katie Wheeler Chicago


In our May 6 profile on actress Gabrielle Union, we misspelled the name of her beau, NBA star Dwyane Wade. We regret the error.

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