May 06, 2013 12:00 PM


“It’s wonderful to see Kate and William so happy, supportive and totally committed to each other”

Monica Thompson via e-mail

The love and bond that Prince William and Kate Middleton share is heartwarming. I’m glad their respect and honor is real and not for show. May the soon-to-be parents be blessed with happiness forever.

Brenda Lujan



The world lost an amazing man when Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert died from complications of cancer on April 4. I was in awe of his self-respect. Despite the tumors that ultimately changed his face and robbed him permanently of his ability to speak, he wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed. That takes incredible courage. Mr. Ebert also valued family. He adored his wife, Chaz, and acknowledged how important she was to him. He was more than just a movie reviewer, he was a remarkable man.

Annie Kim



When I first watched Annette Funicello on the Mickey Mouse Club in 1955, I instantly wanted to be just like her. The charming, curly-haired Mouseketeer became my favorite star and my role model. I even joined a few of Annette’s fan clubs. After her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 1987, she became my hero. Her passing is heartbreaking, but she will always be remembered for her positive attitude. Annette, you will be greatly missed.

Mary Simmons

via e-mail


After watching Meryl Streep’s performance as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, I became obsessed with wanting to learn more about Britain’s first female prime minister. I loved her fearlessness and her tenacity. She was classy and a real ballbuster. Everybody should read about this incredible woman, and I felt she deserved more coverage in your magazine. She was a legend.

Faith Johnson

via e-mail


I am proud of country singer Miranda Lambert for not giving up on her marriage to The Voice’s Blake Shelton and publicly saying, “Divorce is not an option.” In a time when many celebrity marriages last barely a year, I appreciate her candor and her willingness to work at her relationship even if things get rocky.

Erin Schwartz

Los Angeles


Thank you so much for including the Walking Dead actress Danai Gurira as your “Beauty of the Week.” She is stunningly gorgeous! On the show you can tell under her costume makeup that she has great skin, but damn, seeing her up close is just luminous.

Charlette Starkey

Inglewood, Calif.


In our April 22 story on Margaret Thatcher, we misstated that she was Europe’s first female head of state. In fact, as Britain’s prime minister, Thatcher was head of the government. We regret the error.


Since our story earlier this year on the Storch family—who created the organ donation foundation Taylor’s Gift ( after their 13-year-old daughter died in a skiing accident in 2010—they have expanded their efforts. In March, partnering with nail polish manufacturer OPI, they launched the Paint It Forward! campaign, in which supporters paint their nails with Taylor’s favorite color, Taylor Blue, a shade of teal. More than 2,000 bottles of the polish have been sold, adding to the family’s efforts to expand donor registries nationwide. “Our purpose in life now is to help others,” says Todd Storch.

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