August 27, 2012 12:00 PM


“Thanks for the very touching tributes to all the victims; when will the senseless violence stop?”

Shannon Byrne

Owen Sound, Ont.

Kudos for the beautiful tribute to the victims of the movie theater massacre. You showed a lot of class by sharing the stories of who these people were and how much they will be missed, and not sensationalizing the man who took their lives. It was comforting to see such an exceptional article.

Melissa Miller

West Grove, Pa.

Thanks for giving a name and a face to each of the 12 souls lost in the Aurora shooting. I could not hold back the tears as I read about the hopes and dreams they had before their lives were cut short. This tragedy is a reminder of how precious life is. Although there is evil in the world, it can never overcome all the decent people fighting the good fight.

Kerone Bailey

via e-mail

I’m glad that you didn’t put the gunman on your cover and that you ran inspirational stories about the victims, heroes and survivors. Love, courage and the resilience of the human spirit are what we need to focus on now more than ever.

Georgia Garman

South Beloit, Ill.

You did a great job covering the Colorado movie theater shooting. My father was a police officer, and my uncle worked for the FBI. They both were of the firm belief that guns like the ones used in Aurora should never be in the hands of the public. As a sportsman I can tell you we are only allowed a three- or four-round bullet clip when hunting. The only reason anyone would ever need a 100-round clip would be to kill someone.

Al McCormick

Lewis Center, Ohio


Why do so many stars feel they have to carry their children everywhere? Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are always carrying 6-year-old Suri, and now Julia Roberts is seen toting her 7-year-old to the beach. Kids should walk on their own so they can become independent.

Linda Merk

Rochester, N.Y.


I love Kelly Ripa, but I winced when I saw her looking so skinny in her bikini. She’s sending young girls the wrong message about body image.

Ellen George



I was delighted to read the interview with Sigourney Weaver. As a huge fan of the Alien franchise, I have followed her career with interest over the years. With all the attention-seekers in today’s entertainment world, it’s wonderful to see an actress who has stayed at the forefront of her profession without selling out. She’s a fantastic role model.

Louise George Kittaka



Responding to our story about the death of the first American woman in space, James Shea of Keyport, N.J., wrote, “Sally Ride was an inspiration to both women and men. She proved there are no boundaries for people willing to work hard to achieve their dreams.” Laura DiPasquale called the astronaut “one of my favorite heroes, full of strength, intelligence and courage.” On Aug. 6 Ride was laid to rest in a small, private gathering in Santa Monica, and longtime ABC News correspondent Lynn Sherr has been tapped to write an authorized biography to be published next year.

Corrections On the Passages page of our July 30 issue, we misspelled Bette Davis’s name. In our Aug. 6 issue, we misidentified Hvar, Croatia, as Dubrovnik. We regret these errors.

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