“I find Tom and Katie’s split sad. Let’s not make assumptions about why it happened”

Lisa Anderson, Chicago

I’m probably not the only one who’s very happy for Katie and proud of her for taking the upper hand and getting on with her life. She’s an inspiration for how it’s possible to take control of one’s life, regardless of how impossible it might appear.

Lori Goldwyn

San Rafael, Calif.

It’s no surprise to hear about Tom and Katie. I haven’t seen a sincere smile on her face in years. I admire her for doing what needed to be done without spilling all the messy details to the press and for keeping Suri safe. As for Tom, all I can say is what goes around comes around! Didn’t he do the same thing to Nicole?

Heidi Williams

Concord, Calif.

I wasn’t much older than Suri when my parents split and then divorced. Reassurance from parents that one is loved is only part of what’s needed in these scenarios. Katie must encourage Tom to see Suri as much as possible. She has to keep negative feelings about him to herself, and he must do the same.

Laurie Wiegler

Milford, Conn.


Thank you for your tribute to Andy Griffith. His wonderful Andy Griffith Show taught character-building qualities. The focus was goodness, not raunchiness. The actors and writers truly cared about who was watching and what impact their stories had on society.

Nancy Patano

St. Charles, Ill.

An icon passes away, yet the main story is about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. How shocking, another Hollywood marriage that lasted less than 10 years. I feel for all involved in the divorce, but it would have been better to honor the memory of Andy Griffith. And there was just a small blurb on Ernest Borgnine. Let’s pay tribute to the real stars.

Connie Goble

Rockwood, Mich.

Andy Griffith was a national treasure and I was glad to see your article on his passing. The Andy Griffith Show was one of my favorite series and Sheriff Andy Taylor was my favorite character. I feel like I lost a part of my childhood with his passing.

Lynn Carson

Lewisberry, Pa.


I appreciate that PEOPLE covers the U.S. Olympics athletes. It’s a great chance to get to know and root for both familiar and unfamiliar names and faces. At the same time, I hope you plan to give equal coverage to the U.S. Paralympic team. These athletes work as long and hard as their Olympic counterparts and deserve the same amount of support.

P.J. Stietz

Dover, Minn.


Our article on Boy Scout Troop 409 in Pensacola, Fla., for men with special needs has brought the group some welcome attention. Says Twila Ard, mother of member Bradley Ard, 40, who has Down syndrome: “Everyone at the drugstore, Wal-Mart and the chiropractor’s office says the same thing: ‘We had no idea there was a Boy Scout troop like this. It gives us hope.'” Readers were inspired by the troop, which is led by former Air Force sergeant Richard Coleman and his wife, Claudia. “Regardless of disabilities, these fine men are an example of hard work and courage,” writes Charlotte Pope of Justin, Texas.

Corrections In our July 16 Star Tracks section, we misidentified actor Jeff Bridges’s daughter Jessica as his daughter Isabelle. In the same issue and section, we misspelled the last name of Dr. Hasnat Khan, Princess Diana’s boyfriend. We regret the errors.

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