By People Staff
December 31, 2012 12:00 PM


“What can be said about Brad Pitt but WOW! In my opinion the man is totally gorgeous inside and out”

Sandy Jennings Wexford, Pa.

Perhaps you got your issues mixed up, because when I saw Brad Pitt on your cover, it was obvious that the seasoned, confident actor is the Sexiest Man Alive.

Ellen George Atlanta

Over the years I’ve watched Brad Pitt grow up, and he has never seemed happier than he is now. I guess finding true love and becoming a father have made him a better man. Good for him and his family.

Valerie Ellis via e-mail

When I read your story, I finally discovered Brad Pitt‘s flaw. It’s amazing that this sophisticated guy refers to Angelina Jolie, the love of his life, as “Mama.” No man should ever call a woman that unless he is talking about his own mother. As fond as I am of Brad, that is quite a turn-off.

Staci Lynn Eigsti Shelbyville, Ill.


Your article on Halle Berry‘s troubles left me very disheartened. While I truly empathize with the terrible situation the actress is in, I feel the focus should be more on her daughter Nahla. Ms. Berry is a strong woman who needs to spend some time alone with her child, away from the limelight. I wish her success in meeting these difficult challenges, and I hope she can find the strength and courage to put on a brave face for Nahla.

Gabriel Bedell via e-mail


It was wonderful to read the warm and affectionate tribute to Larry Hagman. The story was filled with history and humor and brought insight into the actor behind two unforgettable characters: astronaut Tony Nelson and oilman J.R. Ewing. There never was a villain like J.R., and Hagman breathed life into the role, fascinating viewers with a complex portrait of evil. People will always treasure the memory of Larry Hagman because his work spoke eloquently to all of us.

Lynn Morris via e-mail


Learning that John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John recorded an album made me smile and feel happily nostalgic. It’s nice that they are friends and still have that great chemistry we saw in Grease.

Shari Harder Carmel, Calif.


Your article “A Hollywood Executive’s Life-Changing Choice” brought me to tears. Scott Neeson had the American dream, but he saw something so tragic in Cambodia’s children that, in his words, he “couldn’t look away.” In a world where so many of us turn away from anything unpleasant, here is someone with a heart who really wants to help—and does so in an unselfish, tremendous way. This story proves that no situation is hopeless when people work together to contribute. Thanks for the inspiring feature; I am in complete awe of Mr. Neeson.

Christina McBride Rochester, N.Y.


After Pam Washek’s neighbors stepped in to help the mom of three as she first faced cancer, she was inspired to create what’s become the Neighbor Brigade (, a 30-chapter network of Massachusetts volunteers offering rides, meals and chores to families in crisis. Sadly, Washek’s cancer returned; she died Dec. 2 at age 47. But the Neighbor Brigade, with five new chapters starting, endures, says board member Sue Parente. “We’re heartbroken but are carrying on Pam’s mission of neighbors helping neighbors.”