December 24, 2012 12:00 PM


“My thoughts go out to all affected by the Petraeus affair. I hope everyone will atone for their mistakes”

Diane Walsh

Portland, Ore.

Kudos for writing a thorough story on Gen. David Petraeus, who had an affair with Army Reserve officer Paula Broadwell that led him to resign as the director of the CIA. But I found it offensive that your magazine made Broadwell the poster child on your cover and not the general. They are equally guilty of infidelity. It’s insulting that you are implying that she’s more at fault than him.

Suzy DeKay

Kirkland, Wash.


Thanks for the fascinating article about the thousands of men who leave their families behind to work in the gas and oil fields of North Dakota, bunking in barracks they call “man camps” in order to make money. I started to cry while reading about these men and the extreme sacrifices they are making. Looking at the photo of worker Ivan Guerrero wiping away tears after reading a card from his daughter broke my heart. This story gave me so much perspective on what citizens of this country are doing in order to provide for their loved ones. Bravo to these admirable men. They are some of the finest and most courageous people ever.

Anne Williams

St. Louis


A big applause to pediatrician Wendy Ross for developing an air-travel program at the Philadelphia International Airport that helps kids with autism practice the boarding process in order to travel on airplanes. My brother has autism, so I understand the struggles with normal activities and the trepidation about traveling. Ms. Ross, you’re a true hero for creating this amazing program.

Keisha Gibson

via e-mail


Congrats to Reese Witherspoon on the birth of her third child, son Tennessee James. Your story described her as a “fierce soccer mom” because she attended her older son’s soccer game just weeks after giving birth, and I totally can relate. I delivered a baby recently, and three days later I was at my daughter’s school variety show cheering her on. It’s great to see a star such as Reese making it a priority to be present for all her children.

Susan Erwin

Bolton, Conn.


My stomach thanks you for featuring the delicious beef-skewer recipe that Matt Damon and chef Ming Tsai cooked at a benefit for the Family Reach Foundation. A few nights ago I followed the directions and made them for my family. My husband and sons absolutely loved them.

Alexandra Lee

Los Angeles


I loved looking at the old photos of my favorite celebrity Miley Cyrus. I can’t believe she’s 20 now! Thank you.

Amy Peterson


Correction In our Nov. 26 issue, we printed an incorrect title for U.S. Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts on the Puzzler page. We regret the error.


The saga of software mogul John McAfee, who was on the run from Belize police for nearly a month after being named a person of interest in the death of his neighbor Gregory Faull, captivated readers. “This is the ultimate game of hide-and-seek,” wrote Mia Sanders of Seattle. “I’m anxious to find out what happens next.” The wait is over. McAfee, 67, was arrested on Dec. 5 in Guatemala City. A day later he was hospitalized for chest pains but sent back to a detention center. He applied for asylum in Guatemala but was denied. He may be sent back to Belize for questioning.

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