September 10, 2012 12:00 PM


“I am so proud of our female gymnasts, especially Gabby Douglas—she is just a breath of fresh air!”

Carol Allan


I enjoyed your coverage of the London Olympics, especially the story about Gabby Douglas. America’s Sweetheart seems like a delightful girl, and she made everyone in the USA feel proud. Kudos also to Gabby’s mom for the sacrifices she made so her daughter could have a great coach. They struggled for years and have now earned their place in the sun.

Marjorie Crawford

Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

It was wonderful to see Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas on your cover; she is so different from today’s typical celebrity. Looking at the dedicated gymnast, I see the sweet smiling face of someone who is living her dream.

Pat Wilson

West Chicago, Ill.

Your article stated that Gabby Douglas moved to “corn country” to train for the Olympics. Please don’t refer to Iowa that way. Our beautiful state has a lot more going for it, as Gabby has shown.

Mia Richter

Iowa City

I nominate Oscar Pistorius, a.k.a. the Blade Runner, as the next Sexiest Man Alive. This gorgeous, uplifting athlete is truly an amazing human being.

Tracy Verdegaal

Hanford, Calif.


Your story about how Suri Cruise is coping with her parents’ divorce noted that Katie and Tom want to make sure their daughter is happy, but not spoiled. So the 6-year-old takes a helicopter ride to an estate in the Hamptons and checks into the Cinderella Castle at Disney World. If that is Tom’s way of keeping his child grounded, I can’t wait to see what happens when Suri is a teenager.

Candace Morse

Choctaw, Okla.


Having worked in a law firm for several years, I saw many cases where the lives of innocent people were shattered when they were accused of crimes they did not commit. Brian Banks is a decent young man who suffered for 10 years because a girl told a terrible lie. Now that his name has been cleared, I hope he can find some peace and rebuild his life.

Chris Watts

San Marcos, Texas


You devoted four pages to nail-polish trends, but the passing of composer Marvin Hamlisch, a true musical genius and a giant of popular culture, received only a single sentence. While the fingernail fashions you spotlighted will fade away, Mr. Hamlisch’s melodies will bring joy to the whole world forever.

Fern Cogar

Wheeling, Ill.


I was thrilled to read your inspiring feature on the Johnston family. Like them, my daughter has a skeletal dysplasia, and stories like this help raise awareness about individuals with growth disorders. Shorter stature does not have to define someone, it is simply another characteristic. Thanks for showing us all that these folks are just regular people.

Mary Henderson

Lombard, Ill.


Fourteen months after her acquittal on murder charges in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony has completed her unrelated probation for check fraud and is free to leave her home state of Florida. Sources said that while she planned on moving to Costa Rica, she can’t afford it just now. It wasn’t clear why she picked Costa Rica. No matter where she goes, Anthony likely faces a tough road. Her attorney Charles Greene told ABC News that the unemployed 26-year-old “is reviled … [and] will never be able to walk down the street with anonymity.”

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