By People Staff
July 02, 2012 12:00 PM


“The photos of Jessica and her beautiful baby are stunning; as a longtime fan I am totally thrilled!”

Karrie Viscogliosi

West Chicago, Ill.

I was happy to see Jessica Simpson and her adorable baby on your cover. The story was a nice peek into the family’s life, but Jessica looked a little tired. I remember the way I felt as a young mother, and I would urge the new mom to take all the time she needs to bounce back to full strength. Everything can wait for a while as she recovers and gets to know Maxwell. We love Jessica and wish her all the joy in the world.

Vickie Cook

via e-mail

It concerns me somewhat that Jessica Simpson appears to have gained too much weight before giving birth. As a registered nurse, I am aware of new studies that link a poor maternal diet during pregnancy to autism, diabetes and other health issues. Pregnancy should not be a free ticket to consume anything that is craved, and expectant mothers should eat carefully. The wisest course of action now would be for Jessica to stick to a healthy diet, both for her own sake and that of her child.

Liane Leavitt

via e-mail

Before I saw the story about Jessica Simpson and her new baby, I really didn’t know too much about the singer, but now I’m glad I read the article. Jessica’s joyful words, the pictures of the beautifully decorated nursery and the smiling, sleeping infant all warmed my heart. I hope Jessica and her family continue to live happily ever.

Erik M. Jaffe

Montclair, N.J.


I’ve always respected Justin Timberlake, but after seeing his new Home Collection, I am reconsidering. Two mugs go for $55, and a cutting board for $130—seriously? That is utterly ludicrous.

Laura Kern



It was wonderful to read about Aaron Clark and the fine work he is doing to help keep kids in school. Mr. Clark’s determination to succeed and his commitment to mentoring students is truly an inspiration to anyone who is struggling to overcome life’s obstacles.

Jessica Russell



With the presidential election season in full swing, partisan politics takes center stage. Against this backdrop, readers responded to our story on Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe’s decision not to seek reelection this fall. Virginia Jordan of Windham, Maine, wrote that Snowe “is a hero who will fight for what’s right as long as she is able.” Writing via e-mail, Terri Branham says, “I agree with the senator’s assessment that ‘Washington is broken.’ People like her are the solution to the problem, but they are being beaten into submission by the extremists in both parties.” The senator isn’t coasting through her last months in office. She recently cosponsored legislation aimed at stopping the spread of the illicit narcotics commonly known as “bath salts.” And Snowe has a busy summer ahead that includes marching in many parades in her home state, such as the one celebrating the Maine Potato Blossom Festival.