February 20, 2012 12:00 PM


“Although their relationship fizzled out, I hope Johnny and Vanessa can figure things out for their kids”

Karl Rim, New York, N.Y.

On and off the screen, Johnny Depp has always done things his own way, including his nearly 14-year relationship with girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. Although his unconventional love with the French actress-singer and mother of his two children failed, I strongly believe Mr. Depp will only grow stronger from this experience and will continue to support his ex-love.

Raquel Boujo

via e-mail


It’s no surprise that Paula Deen, the Food Network star and queen of comfort food, has revealed that she has type 2 diabetes. What is surprising, though, is that she continues to make a career of inspiring unhealthy choices rather than using her diagnosis to encourage people to take on a healthier lifestyle. Shame on her.

Kathleen Shecter

Redwood City, Calif.

To the critics who despise Paula Deen, leave her alone. If she chooses to deep-fry foods, use high-calorie ingredients and eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts, she has the right to do so. We are in control of what we eat, and if you don’t agree with her cooking, don’t listen to her.

Melinda Asbell

via e-mail

In my opinion, announcing her illness after she received sponsorship money from a pharmaceutical company was irresponsible. With her cooking show reaching millions of people, Ms. Deen should have been teaching them how to make lower-calorie versions of her recipes. Instead, she was hiding her condition and deceiving her fans.

Valerie Eckard

San Diego, Calif.


After watching the movie Red Tails, the story of the first African-American fighter pilots, who battled racism during WWII, I was pleased to see a photo of the surviving heroes in PEOPLE. I would have enjoyed the photos even more if they had included an update on each of the veteran’s lives. We read a lot about celebrities for their excess, scandals and misdeeds. We should tell the stories of these unsung heroes for all the exceptional things they have done for this country.

Susan Jones-Hard

Clinton, Mo.


Once again you have published a story reminding me of life’s fragility. Twelve years after the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife Carolyn Bessette, his assistant RoseMarie Terenzio movingly reveals how fortunate she was to have two wonderful friends. She impacted their lives as much as they did hers. All of us need to embrace life and friendship as fully as they did.

Courtenay O’Connell

Palm Harbor, Fla.


In the Star Tracks section of our Feb. 13 issue, we misidentified Michelle Williams’s jewelry. She wore Fred Leighton for Forevermark diamonds. We regret the error.


Since discussing her type 2 diabetes in our Jan. 30 issue, TV chef Paula Deen has seen her ratings rise even as many readers vented angrily about how she hid her disease while promoting fatty foods. “Regardless of what a few mean journalists have written, I’m in great shape,” the Food Network star said at a Super Bowl cooking demonstration in Indianapolis Feb. 5. Deen has not completely sworn off her high-cal ways—she touted her butter- and hot sauce-slathered chicken wings—but she did say she is developing recipes for diabetics. “We are here for you,” she promised.

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