June 25, 2012 12:00 PM


“I hope Mary Kennedy is now able to rest in a peace she obviously never experienced in life”

Carla De Baldo


The story on Mary Kennedy was heartbreaking. Nobody questioned her parenting abilities at the outset of her marriage. For Mary, losing her husband was hard, but losing her children was just too much. My condolences to her family.

Steven Driever

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Mary Kennedy was in a hole so black she couldn’t see her way out of it. Now I feel for her kids, who have suffered the unimaginable: the loss of their mother.

Denice Stringer

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Most of the Kennedy women would have been happier marrying a plumber named Smith.

Hugh Reid

Carrollton, Ga.


I appeared with the Bee Gees as the character “Lucy” in the film Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I was not only a witness to Robin’s immense talent and creativity, but I also enjoyed his sense of humor and words of encouragement to me while shooting the movie. I think I can speak for the entire cast in expressing appreciation for PEOPLE’s thoughtful celebration of his life.

Diane Steinberg Lewis

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Thank you for your coverage of Biggest Loser star Jillian Michaels and her beautiful new family. Jillian has brought health and fitness to our family’s life, and it is such a joy to see her happiness in partnership and motherhood.

Elizabeth Zinda



I enjoyed the article about First Lady Michelle Obama and her ideas on marriage. I especially liked reading that the President tucks her in and then gives her a kiss every night. My husband is 78 years old and I am 74. We have been married for 57 wonderful years, and he still tucks me in with a good-night kiss. What a nice thing to have in common with the Obamas.

Peggy Hartley

Bath, Maine


To me, whether John Travolta did or did not approach his various accusers is not the issue. The real concern is why it’s now okay to sue someone for this alleged behavior. Being threatened, of course, is a different matter, but that does not seem to be the problem here. Would these people be suing Mr. Travolta if he didn’t have the money?

Debbie Hansen

Buckley, Wash.


In our June 4 cover story on Mary Kennedy’s death, we printed an incorrect date for her funeral. She was buried on May 19. In the same article we misstated the number of Christopher Kennedy’s children. He has four. Also, in our article about Aimee Copeland, we gave an erroneous description for the medical term necrotizing fasciitis. It is an extremely rare flesh-eating bacterial infection. PEOPLE regrets the errors.


Readers unanimously sang the praises of Dr. Russell Dohner, the 87-year-old physician from Rushville, Ill., who, since the ’70s, has been charging patients an unheard of $5 per visit. Wrote Sarah Tidball of Minneapolis: “I was nearly moved to tears reading about the selfless service Dr. Dohner provides the public. He gives me hope that there are people out there willing to dedicate their lives to making a better world.” Angela Williams was even more succinct in her e-mail about the good doctor: “Where can I find a doctor like this? What a wonderful person.”

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