By People Staff
January 16, 2012 12:00 PM


“As a survivor, I cheer Giuliana on and will pray for her during her surgery, recovery and beyond”

Jessie Miller Frisco, Texas

I have always loved Giuliana Rancic’s honesty, openness and quirky sense of humor. My heart truly went out to her when she announced her devastating breast-cancer diagnosis. After reading this interview, I love her even more and wish her a full, speedy recovery.

Sue Scherdel Rocky Point, N.Y.

Giuliana Rancic is a true inspiration. Her positive attitude is touching and uplifting. Bill Rancic is a wonderful husband with his deep love and support. I have no doubt that she will survive this crisis. Thank you, PEOPLE, for featuring such a beautiful, strong and courageous woman we should all aspire to emulate.

Mary K. French Fayetteville, N.C.

I wish Giuliana well and hope that once her surgery is over, she can someday experience the joy of motherhood.

Cathy Tarani Stoneham, Mass.

I am a two-time breast-cancer survivor who had a total bilateral mastectomy a year ago. I went through the ordeal and survived. Keep your spirits up, Giuliana. Laugh a lot and smile. That helps. You are not alone.

Olga Dubrovsky, M.D. New Kensington, Pa.

Thank you for your story on Giuliana. She is amazing and so is her husband, Bill, for his love and support. It’s so nice to see famous couples who really care for and stand by each other. I wish them all the luck in the world.

Maria Colorado Alexandria, Va.


I was very excited when I saw the article about Doris Day and hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed. I wasn’t. She is still a lovely woman. I agree with her that Hollywood is not the city she knew. We need to go back to the good old days where actors took great pride in their work and kept their personal lives to themselves. You go, Ms. Day. I will be a fan forever.

Elizabeth B. Schaf Perrysburg, Ohio

I enjoyed your update on Doris Day. She is still my favorite actress. No one before or since has projected such a believable, wholesome personality. Also, I did not know she was the voice of the song “Sentimental Journey” in 1945. Thank you.

Thomas E. Shelton Port Huron, Mich.


My heart goes out to the Clementi family. I lost my son Dominic in a car accident at 19, and I can’t imagine losing a son the way Joe and Jane Clementi did. It is a lifetime of heartache to lose a child. There is no punishment harsh enough for Molly Wei and Dharun Ravi. May they be brought to justice for their actions.

Cathy Pendola Flower Mound, Texas


In our Dec. 26 year-end issue, we misspelled the middle name of Ergin Vedat Osman, who served in Afghanistan, in our Honoring the Fallen section on military personnel who died at war in 2011. We regret the error.



PEOPLE recently caught up with snowboarder Kevin Pearce, whose promising career and Olympic bid were derailed after a traumatic brain injury during a Dec. 31, 2009, practice run. Last month, Pearce, 24, got back on his board at a Colorado ski resort for the first time since his accident. “It felt so good,” says the athlete, who is still undergoing physical and cognitive therapy. “It’s nice to be able to jump back on the board and still have it. All my friends who were riding with me said, ‘You’ve got the same style. You look just like you did before.'”