August 29, 2011 12:00 PM


“Amy Winehouse was a talented singer, but she was plagued by demons that have afflicted many greats”

Robert I. Rath

Maryland Heights, Mo.

Amy Winehouse was a true artist who changed the face of music in the 2000s, despite whatever personal troubles she had. To dismiss her for her troubles would be just plain wrong.

Dana Ward Carlson

Woodbury, Minn.

When I battled my own 20-year addiction, it was Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black album that saved my life. Every song expressed the pain I had in common with her. The most difficult lesson from Amy’s death is that you cannot control another person’s behavior.


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I don’t understand all the frenzy over Amy Winehouse. Why do people glorify someone who struggled with substance abuse and seemed to have no regard for herself or her family?

Karen L. Kauffman

Tyrone, Pa.


I’ve felt deep sorrow over human tragedies like the Oklahoma City bombing. But nothing prepared me for this article. I cried and cried over what happened to those innocent and precious children at the hands of a monster.

Paula Del

Los Angeles, Calif.

In the Norway massacre story, I found the mention of the alleged gunman as a “right-wing zealot” disappointing. Why divide people further with labels? The description just leads to further partisan divisions in a time when we need to unify more than ever.

Emily Craner

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My friend’s niece was on that island as part of the Labor Party group. She was uninjured but lost her best friend. The pain of that day will haunt her, but her family says they refuse to let this disaster change how they feel about their beautiful country. Their strength inspires me.

Catherine Frumkin

Los Angeles, Calif.


Kim Kardashian is suing Old Navy because a woman in their commercial looks like her? I guess the whole world is supposed to always think of you. Get over yourself.

Kim Winskell

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Leighton Meester’s mom, Connie, is claiming her daughter owes her $10,000 a month as part of their agreement and not $7,500? For what? What I find deplorable is that the mom feels her famous daughter owes her.

Kim Hardee

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I loved seeing the pictures of Lea Michele and Anne Hathaway in their bathing suits, looking like healthy, happy and unenhanced women. These are the ladies I want my 8-year-old daughter to see and be inspired by. People, including celebrities, should be themselves!

Katherine Harper

Bend, Ore.


In the Scoop section of our Aug. 22 issue, we gave an incorrect age for Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is 64.


Our Aug. 8 article about the New York State law allowing same-sex couples to legally wed provoked strong reader reactions. “In a world full of ugliness and despair, we need to celebrate the existence of love in all forms,” wrote Jennifer Turley of Akron, Ohio. Others, though, passionately disagreed. “There are people like me who love their gay friends but also believe the institution of marriage should remain one man and one woman,” said E.A. Schulte of Marion, Ind. But one couple, Richard Dorr and John Mace, and the story of their six-decade relationship, particularly touched readers. Molly Berg of Oakhurst, Calif., wrote, “Seeing that couple brought tears to my eyes.”

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