July 04, 2011 12:00 PM


“If Casey Anthony were truly innocent, she would have absolutely nothing to hide”

Stefanie Ludwig

Reading, Pa.

Thank you for your headline: “Caylee Anthony Murder Case.” Since Caylee went missing, the case has received intense attention and even seemed like a circus. As your headline says, this is about Caylee. It seems many forgot this is about justice for a little girl.

Robin Dauda

Norwich, Conn.

I’m glad to see more attention placed on Caylee Anthony rather than Casey, who doesn’t seem like she ever wanted to be a mother.

Lisa Kennedy

via e-mail


I was deeply moved by your article on Meredith Vieira and her departure from the Today show. I applaud Meredith for her warmth and for exemplifying the true definition of “caregiver.” It is not all about the physical support, but about the emotional support as well. I wish her and her husband, Richard, the best!

Tammy Hoefker

Fort Calhoun, Neb.

Kudos for your story on Meredith Vieira. She is like a fine wine; not only did she get more beautiful with age, but her integrity and character are wonderful examples for younger generations. She is showing that family is more important than a million-dollar paycheck.

Reiko Stiver

Honolulu, Hawaii


If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie want to get married, they should do so based on their own mature, adult decision making. As a teacher of seventh-grade students, I am continually amazed by how much a child’s input affects parents’ decisions-ones that should be made by adults with years of life experience.

Pam Peters

Adel, Iowa


I applaud Patrick Kennedy for his candor and courage in speaking about his struggles with depression, bipolar II disorder and addiction. It is so refreshing to see someone in a position of power using his influence to fight for better research and treatment in mental health. These conditions can be so difficult, and the stigma surrounding them can be so unfair and debilitating.

Allie Carpenter

Raleigh, N.C.


While I congratulate Alexis Stewart on the birth of her child, I find her statement that “most people want a [biological] baby first; I think that’s natural,” to be offensive. The comment suggests that adopted children are a second choice or a consolation prize. It also can imply that adoption as a first option is unnatural. A child, whether born in your belly or in your heart, is a treasure and should be made to feel as such.

Maria Young

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In the Lady Gaga story in our June 13 issue, we misspelled the name of her sister Natali. In the June 27 Chatter column featuring Ryan Reynolds, we misidentified the name of the film Green Lantern. We regret the errors.


Our June 13 story on the citizens of Joplin, Mo., finding hope and heroes in the aftermath of a deadly tornado inspired readers. “It’s uplifting to see the country coming together, yet again, in the face of tragedy,” wrote Amy King, an American living in Wallingford, England. Added Donna Cordello of Penfield, N.Y.: “To the people of Joplin, we are thinking about you and praying for you.” Volunteer Travis Gary, who was featured in our story, continues to be moved by how residents have banded together to help one another. “I think it’s bringing the community closer,” says Gary. “There’s a lot of positive attitude going around. Joplin will be back.”

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