November 28, 2011 12:00 PM


“J.R. Martinez is a shining example to us all of self-confidence, resilience and courage”

Kathy Jean

Chicago, Ill.

Beauty comes from the heart, mind and soul. I cannot see this man’s scars; his light shines too brightly. J.R. Martinez is not only a hero; he is an inspiration. Thanks for an uplifting and beautiful article. He is a beacon of light to us all.

E. Laura Milanese

Newport Beach, Calif.

J.R. Martinez went into the military as a handsome boy and came out a beautiful man. I would love to give him a hug.

Connie Jennings

Wilmington, Del.

When I saw J.R. Martinez’s beautiful face on your cover, I cried. The indomitable heart and spirit of this man are beyond measure.

Barbara Schofield

Mountain View, Calif.

I was so happy to see a true American hero featured on your cover. J.R.’s smile is infectious, his eyes full of happiness and his heart is full of compassion. He is truly one of the most beautiful people I have ever laid eyes on.

Joey Van Leuven

Torrance, Calif.

When I watch J.R. on Dancing with the Stars, I see a man with a dazzling smile, full of confidence and a beautiful spirit, not to mention a fantastic dancer.

Yvonne Roberts

Snellville, Ga.

I enjoyed watching J.R. Martinez blossom as an actor on All My Children. My son has some special needs, and although he does not usually watch Dancing with the Stars, he happened to be watching the night J.R. did the tribute to military personnel. His story of his recovery was so inspiring. Thank you, J.R., for showing us such courage and determination and grace.

Lisa Meili

Cincinnati, Ohio

I decided to watch Dancing with the Stars for the first time ever this year, and now I am in love with J.R. Martinez. He is an amazing person, a great dancer and a hero for defending our country. Judy Young Rotterdam, N.Y.


I loved the Heroes of the Year article. It was inspirational to learn that normal people can contribute so much to people in need.

Paula Rodriguez

Houston, Texas

I met Lisa Nigro a few years after she founded the Inspiration Café, and the organization that I work for has been funding the Café ever since. My family and I volunteered at the Café, and I can’t say enough about the wonderful work that goes on there. Lisa is a magnet for good things, and I was very pleased to see her face and story in People.

Cheryl McRoberts

Waconia, Minn.


In our Nov. 14 article “Faces of the Wall,” we said Dr. Linda Schwartz had been an Air Force nurse in Vietnam. While she did care for military personnel wounded in the war, Schwartz worked as a nurse at a hospital in Tachikawa, Japan. Also, in the Nov. 21 cover story on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, we misidentified her husband Mark Kelly’s twin brother, Scott, as Mark in a photo caption. We regret the errors.


Readers sent best wishes to Cate Edwards, 29, daughter of former senator John Edwards and his late wife, Elizabeth, on her new marriage to Dr. Trevor Upham. “Cate is a class act like her mom,” Millie Dawson of Wilmington, N.C., wrote. “I wish her a lifetime of happiness.” After her mother’s death, Cate launched the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation, which helps disadvantaged high schoolers prepare for college. “I was thrilled to return from my honeymoon in Tahiti to find notes from hundreds of people interested in the foundation,” she says. The group welcomes its first “Elizabeth Scholars” next spring.

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