October 17, 2011 12:00 PM


“Why the rush to adulthood when these little girls should be just learning how to be kids?”

Robert Kim

New York, N.Y.

Gone too far? These parents have gone completely overboard! It angers me that these parents force their children to perform in these pageants and that TLC actually thinks it’s worth televising.

Donna Racanelli

Delta, B.C.

The mothers of these tots are clearly living through their daughters. It’s a shame these children have to be corrupted in order for their mothers to fulfill their dreams.

Maddi Fentem

McKinney, Texas

As much as I like having a busy psychotherapy practice, I do not look forward to the wave of future teenage and adult clients that were once baby/toddler pageant contestants. Also, as a parent, I am astounded that the Toddlers & Tiaras parents justify what they do because the “child wants it.” There are too many things wrong with that statement to list.

Marni Feuerman

Boca Raton, Fla.

I read your article on today’s pageantry and enjoyed it thoroughly. Both my daughter and I did pageants for a handful of years. I have a graduate degree and a great job. My daughter is a confident 18-year-old college student who lettered in track and has great memories of her pageant days.

Angela Hartshorn

Ramona, Calif.

My daughter competes in pageants, and we’ve been featured on Toddlers & Tiaras and have also appeared on Little Miss Perfect. I am outraged that people feel as though pageant parents are trying to sexualize our children. If someone looks at my daughter or any other pageant contestant and thinks that they are sexy, then they have the problem.

Sara Cardenas

via e-mail

One contestant’s mom said, “If this were a sport, no one would question it.” Well, Mom, it’s not, and I still question it. As a parent, isn’t your job to protect your child and not parade her around like a trained pup? Is a contest that values looks over brains redeeming?

David Tulanian

Los Angeles, Calif.


As a baby boomer, I easily remember the beautiful story of Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon. Not having seen her in years, I could hardly believe how beautiful she is today. She certainly doesn’t look 72 years old! I was especially impressed with the stilettos she was wearing. I couldn’t stand in those, let alone walk in them. Thanks for a great update on her life.

Bridget Cook

Columbia, Mo.


Your article on adoption implies that to adopt a child is expensive. Not so. I adopted my beautiful baby girl from foster care. The whole process was free. And all children adopted from foster care have free health insurance for their entire childhood. Everyone that wants to have a child can adopt for free.

Jennifer Sinclair

Fort Dix, N.J.


Troubles continue to mount for Josh Powell, 35, profiled in our Sept. 26 issue. Authorities revealed on Sept. 27 that he might be implicated in a child pornography case against his father, Steven. (Josh Powell denies the allegations.) The next day, a court ordered that his sons will live with Susan’s parents, Charles and Judy Cox, after Washington State officials told a judge he may have caused his wife Susan’s disappearance almost two years ago, which he has also denied. He will be allowed minimal visitation with Charlie, 6, and Braden, 4, at least until a Nov. 15 hearing.

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