By People Staff
October 03, 2011 12:00 PM


“Despite the utter devastation of 9/11, these children remind us of the good that has prevailed”

Barb Tague Conshohocken, Pa.

The courage of the children in your story brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. I pray for all of them to find love, peace and happiness. Seeing Lauren McIntyre’s beautiful face and bright blue eyes on the cover just drew me in. It makes me sad to think of their losses, but I know their families will guide them always.

Donna Scearce

Memphis, Tenn.

We as a country are very humbled by the heroism of the 9/11 children’s fathers and of all who died in the attacks. For a country that still grieves 10 years later, these children are bright beacons that have risen from the ashes. They give our country a tangible hope and confirm to us all that there are miracles even in our darkest hours. I thank all of them for sharing their stories.

Rebecca Short

St. Louis, Mo.

I was 6 on 9/11, and although I lost no one in the attacks, its ramifications are evident to my generation. Thank you for an article focusing on our point of view.

Alaina Demopoulos

Stratham, N.H.

Wow! I have never read a more moving article than this one. Beautiful pictures and very well written. And yes, life goes on, and I congratulate all the moms for making the best out of their losses caused by terrorists. My kids were little on that day, but they all remember, and “We will never forget!”

Sabine Sahyoun

Redwood City, Calif.

The children’s courage and faith reminded me of the strong fabric of our great country and its people. After reading your story, I came home and gave all my children an extra hug and kiss. Thank you for reminding us what is important in life.

Linda Bedingfield

Potomac, Md.

When I was pregnant with my second daughter, her dad died two weeks after the attacks. Feeling lost and confused, I always felt like she and I could identify with those widows and children. I hope and pray for the best for those families.

Angela Hack Davis

Colorado Springs, Colo.

These are amazing children, and their mothers deserve the biggest pat on the back. They have stood up to the terrorists by raising these children into beautiful young adults. Stay strong!

Aoife Gregg

Dublin, Ireland

I wish each and every family the best of luck in the future. They are all truly inspirational.

Stacey Quinlan

Morgantown, W.Va.


Thank you many times over for including Judd and Pam from The Real World: San Francisco in your article on successful reality-show romances. In a TV genre that is often shallow and self-serving, the early years of The Real World contained real substance and heart. I am so glad to hear that Judd and Pam are happy and still together.

Abby Brown

Indianapolis, Ind.


Readers were moved by our Sept. 12 story on Mary Johnson, who befriended Oshea Israel, the man who killed her son Laramiun Byrd in 1993. “I truly believe that forgiveness sets you free, and her experience is a testament to that,” wrote Kim Arsenault of Surrey, B.C. Johnson, who now helps promote reconciliation through her nonprofit From Death to Life, appeared with Israel on The View Sept. 16. “It was just unbelievable,” she said of their initial meeting, in 2004, while he was in prison. “That day I was just set free from all the hatred. I wanted to make sure I had forgiven him.”