February 07, 2011 12:00 PM


“I applaud Valerie for being a real woman with real issues—a great role model for all women”

Lori Morrison

Georgetown, Ont.

As soon as I saw the cover photo of Valerie’s surprise wedding, I snatched up the magazine and couldn’t wait to read it. I am a huge fan of Valerie’s, and she is the one who most inspired my own weight loss. All the pictures were gorgeous, but the one that made me tear up was the close-up of the couple taking their vows, showing Valerie wearing a small key—presumably, to her heart.

Lori Humeniuk

Sherwood Park, Alta.

Thanks very much for the story and photos of Valerie Bertinelli’s New Year’s Day wedding. I have loved Valerie since she was Barbara Cooper, and now I love her as Mrs. Tom Vitale.

Barry Foster

Tierra Verde, Fla.

I was pleased to see that Valerie had enough class not to wear white for her second wedding. Call me old-fashioned, but I thought she looked beautiful, and the sunset ceremony was elegant.

Sherrill Kangas

Waco, Texas

Although I’m happy that Valerie has found love again, I was a bit dismayed to see her blue, somewhat plain wedding dress. To me, she looked more like a guest instead of the bride. I wish she had worn a dress that showed off her weight loss a little better. Shania Twain, on the other hand, was a truly stunning bride.

Mary Mes

Lafayette, Calif.


Why do certain people and groups find it so important that someone comes out? Everyone should be allowed to have some privacy in their lives, and if they feel like talking about it, they will. I’m glad Johnny didn’t cave to any pressure.

Cherie Connolly

Powder Springs, Ga.


As a member of the Fort Collins community, I find it offensive to see the Heene family in my favorite magazine. My work colleagues and I were ready to start a search for Falcon after hearing he might have fallen out of the balloon. The Heenes caused us a lot of worry just so they could become famous. I hope the media will just let this family fade away.

Valerie Brandt

Fort Collins, Colo.


The article about Cindy Williams’ brilliant idea to introduce an adoptable dog after each performance of Sylvia is worthy of a standing ovation. The actress and the theatergoers who have supported this effort have provided dozens of dogs with new homes and hope. As an animal lover, I thank them all.

Amy Ingram

via e-mail


Pam Machulsky saw a dire need for JoAnne and Dave Stratton to have a safe, comfortable place to live with their son Dominic, who has cerebral palsy. So together with three other moms, she took it upon herself to make that happen. Pam is a bona fide inspiration and proof that anyone who really cares can be a catalyst for change. I hope this story convinces other people that one person can make a huge difference.

Mary Gisse

Midland, Mich.


Our story about Natasha Marcial, a Haitian mother who struggled to reunite her family after contracting cholera, had a deep impact on our readers. Angie Langley of Keller, Texas, writes, “Their strength and unyielding faith in such uncertain times are remarkable.” Many readers wanted to donate to Marcial’s family. Unfortunately she is unreachable, with no phone or permanent address. We suggest that those wishing to help Haitians in need contact Doctors Without Borders. Although the spread of cholera has slowed significantly, there are many families who, like the Marcials, still need assistance.

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