April 04, 2011 12:00 PM


“If everyone stopped paying so much attention to Charlie, maybe he could straighten himself out”

Jeanie Hutto

Hueytown, Ala.

As I read and hear about the latest antics of Charlie Sheen, I can’t help but wonder if part of the responsibility for his current problems doesn’t rest with his television audience. We are the ones who made Two and a Half Men a hit, even though it was raunchy and demeaning. The acting was superb, and the show was funny. Now we find out that Mr. Sheen wasn’t acting—he actually is the buffoon he played. And in real life, that is not funny at all.

Rhonda Eurich

Mound, Minn.

How long are people going to stand around and watch Charlie Sheen self-destruct? In my opinion, he can’t make rational decisions and he needs an intervention fast. We’ve seen too many celebrities follow the same path, and it only leads to one place. I hope someone helps him before it’s too late.

Lydia Russell

Springfield, Pa.

Thank you, Mr. Sheen, for being true to your own self. No amount of education gives anyone the right to analyze and judge your character. My very quirky, autistic son taught me years ago that each person is perfect the way he is. Everyone should just live and let live.

Edith Cooper

via e-mail


I’ve been a fan of all the Bridgeses for many years, so it was great to see the lovely photo you included of Jeff and his family on Oscar night. Although he is an icon, Jeff realizes it’s not the fame and fortune of Hollywood that brings true happiness, but the lasting joy of a loving spouse and family that matters most.

Brenda Ross

Belleville, Ont.

I always look forward to your cover story on the Oscars, so it was disappointing to see Charlie Sheen front and center this year. To take the limelight away from award-winning performers on their biggest night was a bad idea. Give me a cover story on Colin Firth; he is someone I’d enjoy reading about.

Brenda Parry


I can’t believe that the only photo you ran of James Franco was one of him stuffed into a pink evening gown.

Janet Butler

Bronx, N.Y.


I was saddened by the letter from a reader who said that Jennifer Aniston will only deserve to be on your cover “when she does something newsworthy, like get married, have a child or adopt one.” Today, women can be newsworthy for accomplishments that have nothing to do with being wives or mothers. There are many other pursuits that are just as empowering as the traditional ones.

Jacki Nauman

Rochelle, Ill.


Due to a production error, the wrong answers were printed in the “Celebrity Dog Lovers” quiz that ran in Scoop in the March 28 issue. The correct answers are: a: Jane Lynch—3 (Olivia); b: Joe Jonas—5 (Winston); c: Miley Cyrus—4 (Lyla); d: Ciara—2 (Tyson & Georgia); e: Hugh Jackman—1 (Dali).


There’s been a shocking development in last year’s story on “Mommy P.I.s,” a group of San Francisco-area moms who did surveillance and fought crime: The boss, private eye Chris Butler, 49, was busted Feb. 16 on 28 felony charges. He and a high-ranking narcotics officer allegedly dealt large amounts of drugs stolen from police evidence lockers and taken from a young dealer whose mom hired Butler’s agency to scare her son straight. The moms, who quit before the arrest, were in no way implicated. “We thought we were helping catch bad guys, not working for one,” one says. Butler has pleaded not guilty.

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