September 13, 2010 12:00 PM


“The Duggars should count their blessings and focus on the 19 healthy children they have now”

Sarah Cogan

Memphis, Tenn.

For Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, children are “gifts from God,” but when will enough be enough? I am all for following your beliefs, but at some point, a line should be drawn. The Duggars need to wake up to what they are doing to all their kids and to Michelle’s health.

Kelly Davin

Caledonia, N.Y.

The Duggars now have enough children for two baseball teams plus a relief pitcher. Are they trying to set a Guinness World Record for most kids?

Stu Cahn

Long Beach, Calif.

The media should ignore the selfish actions of people like the Duggars. Our planet is only so big and has a limited amount of resources. Also, there are so many children in need of a good home. If the Duggars want to care for another child, they should think about opening their hearts to someone less fortunate.

Ellen Levine

Natick, Mass.


I am tired of reading about celebrities like Jennifer Aniston who claim they “don’t have to settle with a man just to have a child.” With their money and flexible schedules, it’s probably easy for them to have a family without a spouse. But I for one value my husband and would have a difficult time without him. Raising kids is hard enough with a partner, let alone without one.

Lisa Marringer

via e-mail


How can Levi Johnston even consider running for public office anywhere? He never finished high school, has shown himself to be unreliable and refuses to accept that his 15 minutes were over some time ago. I can only hope that the good citizens of Wasilla show up to make sure that this irresponsible child does not get elected to any city position.

Mary E. Harris

Lubbock, Texas


I was very moved by your story about injured snowboarder Kevin Pearce. It is inspiring to get a glimpse of a remarkable family working as a unit to make it through a difficult time. I am a young mother and breast cancer survivor, and this article reminded me of how my own family banded together to get me well. It also served as a good example of the patience required to be a truly close, loving family.

Deborah Bailey

Mount Pleasant, S.C.

The story on Kevin Pearce really hit home for me. Like Kevin, my 20-year-old son sustained a traumatic brain injury from a snowboarding accident; he received excellent care at Craig Hospital in Colorado during Kevin’s rehabilitation there. Kevin is a wonderful guy, and I have faith that his spirit and grace will help him overcome the odds.

Diane Huffines

Hewitt, Texas



Some readers were spurred to action by our story on Dr. Anh Reiss, who needs a bone-marrow transplant to combat a rare blood disorder. Melanie Rhodes of Gibraltar, Mich., signed up for the national registry, writing, “It’s a wonderful feeling to think I could potentially save a life.” Since our story ran, Dr. Reiss enlisted 1,680 Vietnamese-Americans for the registry at a Missouri festival, and she vows to continue her search for a donor.


In our Aug. 23 issue, we said Mary-Kate Olsen was pictured in Scoop. It was actually a photo of her twin sister, Ashley. We regret the error.

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