August 30, 2010 12:00 PM


“I hope Ali’s romance with Roberto beats the odds and works out after the camera is turned off”

Claire Luna-Pinsker

via email

I’m so happy that Ali and Roberto had a happy ending. The Bachelorette has taken a lot of heat for how few couples actually make it. But meeting on a television show doesn’t have to define their relationship. I think the odds of a new couple staying together have more to do with their commitment than with the fact that they met on a reality series.

Vicki Morris

Neenah, Wis.

Why is Ali so famous for appearing on one of a thousand reality shows?

Eva Gold

New Brunswick, N.J.


The article on Chrissy Steltz receiving a state-of-the-art prosthetic for her face after an accidental shooting was so heartwarming. Chrissy’s face is truly a gift from the hands of skilled artisans. Well done to all who provided this woman with her new face. What a way to give someone back their life.

Dale Marie Campbell

Santa Clara, Calif.

I’ve had facial reconstructive surgeries and can relate to Chrissy’s story. She didn’t just throw a pity party and mope about her situation. I think she is inspirational. It’s wonderful she found someone special.

Jennifer Roosma

Nacogdoches, Texas


As a girl from the Jersey Shore, I don’t think the MTV show has helped our beautiful state. But I do find Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi entertaining. I think seeing where the cast comes from and seeing their families gives viewers a better sense of who these people are.

Meredith Stankus

via e-mail

I suffered a severe case of emotional whiplash after reading about the Marines coming home from Afghanistan and then turning the page to see the ridiculousness that is the Jersey Shore cast. Could there be two groups of people so completely the opposite in true relevance and importance?

Debi Manson

Garland, Texas


I have a son who just turned 3, so when I read that Kyron Hormon is still missing, it just breaks my heart. I hope this little boy is safe and back with his family soon.

Nikki Gastelum

Banning, Calif.


Rose Espinoza tutoring more than 1,000 kids demonstrates how one person can truly make a difference in the world. Her hard work and dedication to the neighborhood’s children serves as a striking reminder of the importance of community and shows what can happen when people lend a hand. I applaud all her efforts, and as an elementary school teacher, I will use her inspirational story as motivation in my classroom and beyond.

Alison Cobb

via e-mail


Readers responded to our update on the group of Marines returning from deployment in Afghanistan with an outpouring of admiration for the servicemen. “Thank you for celebrating our troops!” said Rhonda Proctor. “I was so touched to read about these selfless people—real American heroes.” People with relatives in the service weighed in strongly. “This military mom appreciates an article featuring some of our nation’s finest young men,” said Stephanie Hanlin of Byron, Ill. A Marine girlfriend, Nicole Bogdan of Germantown, Md., added, “The military deserves to be highlighted and honored just as much as the stars.”


In our Aug. 9 issue, we misspelled the name of Gordon MacRae in Puzzler. We regret the error.

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