December 06, 2010 12:00 PM


“Thank you, Portia, for showing us we can be just as we are and still be beautiful, inside and out”

Stephanie Kunce

Costa Mesa, Calif.

Seeing Portia on your cover and reading her compelling story brought tears to my eyes. I recovered from an eating disorder and am now a psychologist specializing in the treatment of these maladies. Therefore I am grateful that the truth is finally coming out, because there are so many misconceptions about these issues. Eating disorders are not about vanity or will power. They are the manifestation of something much deeper, such as the need to belong and to be loved for who we are. So thanks for sharing Portia’s incredible story. She is truly an inspiration, and her journey shows the triumph of courage and the human spirit.

Elizabeth Esalen

Santa Cruz, Calif.

I found the article about Portia to be poignant and gut-wrenching. So many of us think that celebrities have it all, but when they tell their stories we find out that they deal with the same problems and insecurities as everyone else. I hope Portia knows that by being so honest and open about her struggles, she has no doubt helped a lot of people.

Shannon Massieu

Clearwater Beach, Fla.


It was very disappointing to read that Blake Shelton gave his fiancee, Miranda Lambert, a deer stand so they can shoot animals together. I will not be buying any of their music in the future.

Missy Nelson

Alberta, Canada


Like most of the rest of the country, I watched in horror as the Fort Hood tragedy unfolded. Reading about Staff Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford Jr. gave me hope for the future. He is the epitome of what our young men and women in uniform overcome and accomplish every day. I pray for Alonzo’s continued healing.

Nila Rodack

Willard, Mo.


Why did Harrison Ford think costuming himself as a nun for Halloween would be funny? I doubt if he would dress up as a rabbi or an imam. Mr. Ford offended those of us who respect the holy sisters.

Kitty Hogan

Portland, Ore.


After reading about Ricky Martin, my respect for him shot way up. I’m glad he took his time and came out when he was ready. Matteo and Valentino are lucky to have a father as wonderful as Ricky.

Spencer Austin

Mount Pleasant, Mich.

I know I speak for many people when I say, “Ricky, we loved you before, but now we love you more than ever.”

Robyn Weinstein

Kendall Park, N.J.


Our story about Dyson Kilodavis, a 5-year-old boy whose parents support his penchant for dressing up in sparkling dresses, drew mostly favorable responses. Kristen Winfield of Portland, Ore., writes, “How rare and amazing to see unconditional love in action.” But Nichole Lee of Staten Island, N.Y., thinks Dyson’s parents “are setting him up for a long, hard life of taunting and gender confusion.” Taking the long view, Patti Lake of Phoenix says she “looks forward to a day when people being different is no longer newsworthy.”


In the Nov. 8 Table of Contents, we said Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard had won four gold medals by the time she turned 18. Beard had won four medals-one gold, two silver, one bronze-by the time she turned 19. In our story on Ricky Martin in the Nov. 15 issue, we said Martin was in a photo of the group Menudo. The boy on the far right was Robby Rosa. We regret these errors.

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