By People Staff
November 08, 2010 12:00 PM


“The place to teach kids the message that bullying is wrong is not just in the schools but in the home”

Guy Covington

Sarasota, Fla.

I was so touched by the stories devoted to bullying. Sadly, many teachers and parents are unaware of the misery some kids are forced to endure; even when they are aware, they often don’t know how to handle it. As someone who was tormented all through school, I am heartbroken to hear about others suffering the pain of this harassment. Your articles will hopefully lead to some real changes.

Larissa Hellwig

Warminster, Pa.

Your report on bullying should be mandatory reading for all students, parents and teachers. How sad that young lives were lost because people were afraid to take a firm stand against a few bullies.

Carol Ellis

Cocoa, Fla.

Reading your stories on bullying, I was pushed back in time to my school years, when the “mean girls” tormented me. Now I’m a nurse, and I spend a chunk of my workdays advocating for my young patients. Children deserve as much help as they can get, and they need to know where the resources are. Sometimes just a hug or a conversation can give a child the confidence to keep fighting.

Janna Leece Voigt

Bristol, Conn.


As a student activist for the fair treatment of aquatic mammals, I was greatly upset by the photo of Mark Wahlberg swimming with a captured dolphin at Discovery Cove in Orlando. I admire Mr. Wahlberg, but obviously he has not seen the documentary The Cove. If he had, I’m sure he would not want to swim with a captured dolphin. The Cove highlights the inhumane process dolphins go through when they are put into captivity. Many people assume that dolphins enjoy performing in shows. However, behind that sweet smile, I believe the dolphin is crying out for its freedom.

Dana Stone

Haddonfield, N.J.


Please tell Ms. Grigorieva to do what other single mothers do: Get a job! And stop blaring your private story.

Jill Larrabee

Superior, Wis.

If Oksana were a better actress, her “drama and trauma” tales might be halfway believable and garner her some genuine sympathy. I am weary of all the attention she is getting.

D.J. Bluhm

via e-mail


How could you not put the late, great Tony Curtis on your cover? Try to find any actor today who can match his incredible looks and talent. Tony was a beloved prince of Hollywood, and he deserved a more fitting tribute.

L.G. Garner

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I applaud Juliette Lewis for taking the time and steps necessary to beat her addictions. Her journey demonstrates that everyone can pick themselves up, no matter how far down they have fallen. I’ve always admired Juliette’s talent and spirit. Thanks for sharing her story.

Susan Pomerleau

Trenton, Mich.


Teens profiled in our Oct. 18 bullying issue tell PEOPLE that the media coverage has improved things in their schools. Mackenzie Spanier, a 17-year-old cheerleader from Minnesota, reports that several classmates have approached her with encouraging words. And Joey Kemmerling, 16, who was harassed because of his sexuality, believes many of his classmates now see bullying differently. “Things are 100 times better,” he says. “The attention has given me the opportunity to talk to a lot of kids about how dangerous bullying can be.”