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Updated October 25, 2010 12:00 PM

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are like everyone else—they have to work on their marriage every day”

Raquel Boujo

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The article “Demi & Ashton: Under Pressure” mentions sources who say their relationship has its strains. Show me two human beings in any kind of relationship who say there are no strains and I will show you two liars. Congratulations on celebrating five years of marriage, Demi and Ashton. It’s probably the most difficult accomplishment of their accomplished lives. They’re just getting started on their journey together.

Dawn Humble

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My husband and I have a 13-year age difference. We are still together after 13 years and, like most married couples, have gained weight and weathered a number of storms. Yet those challenges have brought us closer together. Life’s not perfect, neither are marriages.



I am amazed at the strength Dr. William Petit Jr. has every day after surviving the death of his family. It is a mind-blowing situation to imagine, and the way Dr. Petit is taking on this tragedy is remarkable. Many people would not be able to handle this kind of misfortune. Reliving this event in court would be just heart-wrenching. But he has found so many positive ways to move forward, like the Petit Family Foundation, and to keep the memories of his family alive. My deepest sympathy goes out to Dr. Petit.

Jenessa Krull

Black Creek, Wis.

After reading about the horrific murder of Dr. William Petit Jr.’s family, I now strongly believe in the death penalty. The courage displayed by Dr. Petit and how he dealt with the loss of his family is truly incredible and heartbreaking. I truly wish him all the best.

Audrey Olsen

Huntley, Ill.


In the show Sister Wives, each of the four wives is committed to the one man? Polygamy is just another way for women to be disrespected and devalued while their children are shortchanged. No caring man would do that to a woman and no self-respecting woman would put up with such an arrangement.

Pat O’Shea

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Thank you for your article on Dan Whitney, aka Larry the Cable Guy, and his son’s hip dysplasia. My sister, my daughter and I all suffered from this condition as infants. Since the condition is unusual, it led to stares and questions. Hopefully your article will lead to increased awareness.

Aoife Carr

Dublin, Ireland


Our article on model Patti Hansen’s fight against bladder cancer resonated with readers who have also battled the disease.”Finally a female bladder cancer survivor gets to share her story,” said Brenda Neff of York, Pa. “As a survivor, I’ve spent too-many-to-count hours in a urology office surrounded by much older men. Women get this cancer too. Thank you, Patti, for putting a pretty face on an ugly disease.” Hansen says she has been surprised by and grateful for the response: “I have received numerous well wishes from friends and strangers. Some old acquaintances have even reached out to share their private battles.”


In the Oct. 4 issue, we incorrectly stated that Highway 50 stretches from Washington, D.C., to Sacramento. On the East Coast, the highway begins in Ocean City, Md. Also, in the Oct. 11 issue, the Josh Duhamel interview for Chatter mentioned that North Dakota was the geographical center of the U.S. It should have said North America. We regret the errors.