By People Staff
July 05, 2010 12:00 PM


“For those who loved Gary Coleman as a child, it’s sad to know his adult years were such a struggle”

Susan Lenihan

Northbrook, Ill.

I was so sorry to read about Gary Coleman’s untimely death. This is just another case of a kid being given too much too soon. Gary had no one to look out for his best interests and never learned how to deal with his fame.

Martha Rarig

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I’m sure there is a place reserved for Gary Coleman in comedy heaven. Although he may have been diminutive, the Diff’rent Strokes star stood tall as a natural comedic talent.

Kenneth Zimmerman

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How disappointing that after 40 years of marriage, Al and Tipper Gore feel comfortable about separating because “their passions have diverged for years.” Of course, no two people ever have exactly the same interests, but they compromise to make a marriage work. Perhaps the Gores should have given up some of their “passions” and made their marriage vows a priority.

Mary and Mark McKenzie

Bow, N.H.

Forty years is an amazing amount of time to keep a relationship going. The Gores made a great life for each other and their kids and, while it’s unfortunate their marriage is ending, Al and Tipper should certainly be commended for sticking together as long as they did.

Alyson Boynton

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I find it ironic that in the very same week of your Beth Holloway update, Joran van der Sloot, the suspect in the murder of Holloway’s daughter Natalee, is arrested and later admits to his involvement in the death of a young woman in Peru. As a mother, my prayer is that van der Sloot will finally reveal what he knows about Natalee’s disappearance so that Beth will have the answers she has needed for so long.

Judith Harris

Jefferson, Texas


Dennis Hopper was a Hollywood standout for half a century, yet you noted his passing with an appallingly brief tribute that barely scratched the surface of his varied career. You really dropped the ball this time.

Becky Hopkins

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Thank you for your interview with country singer LeAnn Rimes. LeAnn’s honesty about her feelings during her affair with Eddie Cibrian made me see her in a better light. I admire her transparency and wish her and Eddie all the best going forward.

Kelcie Willis

Stone Mountain, Ga.


The fact that this young criminal—accused of stealing planes and boats, breaking into vacation homes, and a suspect in some 100 crimes—can be a cult hero and have 20,000 followers on Facebook is beyond scary. This is our future generation?

Lisa Henderson

Ocala, Fla.



More than 4,000 pleas for leniency from the public—as well as from his own and his victim’s families—were not enough to save Aaron Vargas from a lengthy prison term. The Northern California man, who pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter in April after he shot and killed his alleged longtime molester Darrell McNeill, was sentenced to nine years in prison on June 15. Vargas’ family and friends wept openly while the verdict was read. As he was led out of court, he smiled to supporters and said, “I’ll be writing a lot of letters from jail. I guess I’ll become a writer.”