August 24, 2009 12:00 PM


“Like many, I am simply in awe of this talented young actor who right now is on top of the world”

Jennifer Muldoon

Providence, R.I.

Robert Pattinson should have a messy love life; that’s what being his age is all about. He’s apparently aboveboard with his relationships and well-grounded despite the constant attention. So go ahead, Robert, play the field!

Lydia Louli

Ottawa, Ont.

I wish everyone would just leave Robert Pattinson alone. He doesn’t need his “love life” dissected for the masses. He’s handsome, single, British (sigh) and Hollywood’s new “it” boy. Just let him know that I’m here—when he’s ready.

Tasha Wilson

via e-mail

I was excited to see Robert Pattinson on the cover of PEOPLE. What a letdown when, instead of informing your audience about his diverse roles beyond Twilight, his talents as a pianist and songwriter, and his kindness toward his fans, you chose to simply rehash old stories. I hope you’ll do him more justice in the future.

Diane Davis

San Ramon, Calif.


It saddened me that you provided only a few pages to acknowledge Walter Cronkite’s passing, while putting another “flavor-of-the-month” celebrity on the cover. For more than a half-century, Cronkite was a pioneer in the news industry, from his earliest days as a war correspondent right through to his becoming “America’s Anchor.” He deserved more respect from PEOPLE.

Yvette Wittmann

West Bloomfield, Mich.


After reading about Jon Gosselin’s new life and new girlfriend, I am completely disgusted. How does he imagine Kate feels as she takes care of the children while he travels and parties without a care in the world?

Lori Gegelman

Georgetown, Texas


I am somewhat intrigued that you chose to list the weights of quite a few of the young women on the TV show More to Love. Let me know when you start reporting the weights of some of the men in the news.

Patricia Pepper

via e-mail


Your story about Alex’s Lemonade Stands touched my heart. Like Alex, my daughter has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma and is currently battling the illness at 20 months. It is an unfortunate fact that research into neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers is seriously underfunded. I am hoping that articles like this will increase awareness and strengthen support to help the next generation of children fight these terrible diseases.

Lauren Strickland

via e-mail



Our Aug. 3 article on Survivor: Africa winner Ethan Zohn’s five-month-long battle with Hodgkin’s disease had at least one life-changing result. “I got dozens of supportive e-mails,” says Zohn, 35. “But there was one in particular that was the kind I’ve been waiting for.” Tracey Carbone, from Southington, Conn., wrote and said, “My son-in-law Ben had symptoms similar to yours, but none of us thought it was any big deal. After reading the article, Ben went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. We were shocked, of course, but because of you, Ben’s condition was addressed immediately, and he has now started chemo.” Says Zohn, who himself recently ended a three-month round of chemo: “If I can save one life, then everything will have been worth it.”


In the Great Ideas section of our Aug. 17 issue, we printed an incorrect date for the new season premiere of the show Flipping Out on the Bravo Network. The show premieres on Aug. 18. PEOPLE regrets the error.

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