By People Staff
August 17, 2009 12:00 PM


“My best wishes go out to Kate and her eight kids. I know the heartache they are feeling right now”

—Pat Swords

Palatine, Ill.

I have a newfound respect for Kate Gosselin. While her husband, Jon, is out gallivanting around Europe, she is keeping her focus where it belongs—on her eight beautiful children. I wish, for those children’s sake, that everyone would just let them deal with their issues in private and stop giving Jon all the press he doesn’t deserve.

Grace Cornett

Wentzville, Mo.

I think Jon is making it perfectly clear why Kate had to wear the pants in the family and boss him around.

Prudence Rapozo

Springfield, Ore.

As usual, the mother is stuck home with the kids while the divorced dad is out partying with his new girlfriend in a lavish lifestyle. It shows total lack of respect for his children and ex-wife to be flaunting his new single status. Hopefully, Kate will find a more mature mate who can handle the stress of raising eight children.

Janet Hayes

Sammamish, Wash.


I am a parent of a child with Down syndrome who is a classmate of one of Melanie and Byrd Billings’ children. I had the privilege of meeting Melanie. One could feel the warmth and kindness when in her presence. It is an extreme loss to our society that they were so ruthlessly taken from this earth in a senseless and cruel act of violence.

Nancy McDonough

Cantonment, Fla.

I feel so sorry for the children left behind. Now, as Ashley Markham takes on the raising of these children, I pray for her. It’s going to be so hard putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. The family will need lots of prayers and lots of help. God bless them all.

Cheryl Wiggins

Gulf Breeze, Fla.


Why does everyone think the Travolta family is “going to get over” the loss of their son Jett? I have been widowed for 26 months and 13 days. I can include the hours if you’d like. One does not “get over” the loss of a loved one. One learns to live with it, cherish the memories and go forward, but one is never “over it.”

Barbara Seddon

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To see a young lady in a one-piece bathing suit that showed off her magnificent figure was a welcome relief to those who choose bikinis that leave nothing to the imagination. Hayden showed class and a figure that I wish I had. I look forward to seeing her again in the future.

Eleanor Brodsky

Tamarac, Fla.

  • Great article on Hayden Panettiere, especially the pickle part. I moved to California from New Jersey in 1987. Nothing feels like New York and home more than a Bubbies pickle with a great sandwich. Glad to see someone else enjoys them. My friends could not understand my concern over a good pickle. At 70, I know what I like.
  • Delores Johnson
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  • Jeff Kepner is making amazing progress. He has begun more intense physical therapy, and doctors hope soon to release him for outpatient therapy. “I’m feeling a lot better now,” says Kepner. “My hands are getting a lot stronger.” Dawn Moriwaki, who donated her daughter Kaitlyn’s organs following her death in 2004, had special praise for Jeff Keen, the organ donor whose hands Kepner received: “I pray his family finds comfort in knowing their beautiful son brought hope to another in need.” If you’d like to follow Kepner’s progress, go to
  • Correction
  • In a July 6 Scoop item we misidentified Angelina Jolie‘s stunt-woman. Her name is Dana Dru Evenson. We regret the error.