By People Staff
July 27, 2009 12:00 PM


“If the kids are really the primary concern, why don’t the Gosselins seek marriage counseling?”

—Mary Hudgens

Bedford, Texas

Two people cannot be expected to spend a lifetime together without their individual goals occasionally diverging. Jon and Kate should keep in mind that marriage is all about sticking it out until your goals are in sync again.

Julie Harris

via e-mail

Kate Gosselin feels a sense of failure because both she and Jon have failed in their marriage. They need to remember what made them fall in love in the first place and rebuild from there.

Mary Kunzig

Lewes, Del.

No one can truly judge the Gosselins’ decision to divorce, but I feel they have made the wrong decision to continue filming the show. Having their children deal with divorce and its aftermath in front of a television audience will most certainly cause more problems for these kids in the long run.

Megan McKay

via e-mail

Jon and Kate are finally being forced to confront the real-life consequences of their 15 minutes of fame.

Matt Dwyer

St. Louis, Mo.


I was disappointed that the passing of a great entertainer was given only a page of coverage in your magazine. It’s too bad our society is more interested in sensationalism than in a show-business personality who gave us so much for more than 30 years.

Sam Wilds

via e-mail

Mr. Ed McMahon: He was a banana second to none!

Robert del Valle

Royal Oak, Mich.


Without condoning Chris Brown’s actions, I do give him credit for “manning up” and admitting his guilt. Let’s hope he has learned his lesson and can apply it to his future career and relationship choices.

Susan Ferguson

South Mills, N.C.

I was appalled by Chris Brown’s plea bargain resulting in zero jail time. Requiring someone to perform “community service,” i.e., picking up trash for a few months, is hardly a strong deterrent for violence against women.

Suzanne Bekker

Iowa City


Having non-blood ties that are paramount in my life, I cried when I read that David Loughran had chosen his “Big Brother” Chester Ross to be his best man and also given his son the middle name Ross. How fortunate that these two found each other.

Leslie Foster

Wichita, Kans.



Our story about Camp I-Thonka-Chi, a special facility in Meridian, Texas, for burn victims, made quite an impact. Reports the camp’s director Donna Crump: “Since the article ran, we have received well over 200 e-mails, along with numerous phone calls from families of burn victims and folks needing information about scar-treatment options. The world deserves to know about the courage our special kids possess.” Reader Denise Dourlain of Bridgeville, Pa., agrees: “I’m so happy there is a place for these children to go and just be themselves.”


In our July 20 issue two photographs on the cover were improperly credited. The photo of the Jackson family carrying Michael Jackson’s casket should be credited to Kevin Mazur/MJ Memorial/Wireimage. The photo of Paris and Prince Michael I should be credited to Mark J. Terrill/AP. We regret the errors.