By People Staff
September 21, 2009 12:00 PM


“It seems like we all grew up with Alyssa, and I always hoped she would find her Prince Charming”

Denay Kelley


Thanks for the beautiful photographs of Alyssa and David’s wedding. I think it’s the mark of a true star when she’s willing to share her big day with her fans. And it’s nice to hear a celebrity say she is “most excited about saying my vows.” Best wishes for a joyful marriage full of true love and simple promise.

Julie D’Amico-Beres

Pewaukee, Wis.

It was great to see the pictures and story about Alyssa Milano’s wedding. Although I started watching Who’s the Boss? because of Tony Danza, I ended up becoming a devoted fan of Alyssa’s. In the words of Phoebe, her character on Charmed, “You go, girl!”

Alba Wilson

Woodbridge, Va.


I really got a kick out of the private snapshots of celebrities with their little ones, having fun with their toys in backyards and playrooms. This is something the general public rarely gets a glimpse of.

Melanie Barnett

Oshawa, Ont.

The photos of Jerry O’Connell with his adorable twin girls were wonderful. Aside from being funny, sweet and gorgeous, he seems like an amazing dad. Jerry should be a serious contender for the crown of “Sexiest Man Alive.”

Carrie Corneau

Laconia, N.H.


I cringed when I saw the pictures of celebrities on their bicycles with their children—the parents were not wearing helmets. My boyfriend had a serious bike accident seven years ago and still suffers chronic pain and memory loss. He was wearing his helmet. But his neurologist said without it, he would have been killed. Please, moms and dads, be the example you want your kids to learn from and put a helmet on every head you care about. Ride safely.

Dianne Faw

San Rafael, Calif.


I am outraged that the death of Les Paul merited only a blurb. Mr. Paul was a true American icon and bona fide legend. As a result of his innovations, every singer and musician who has performed or recorded over the past 50 years owes him a debt of gratitude. He deserved a better tribute from you.

Barry Fisher

Garden City, N.Y.


Thank you for the article on Jennifer Frances and Bess the Book Bus. Jennifer is a valuable asset to the Tampa Bay area as she works to inspire children to read. She often makes personal sacrifices to ensure that the needs of “her kids” are met first. We are truly fortunate to have her in our community.

Leah Wooten



Crystal Renn’s account of finding happiness and success as a plus-size model after battling anorexia won heartfelt approval from scores of admiring readers. “Kudos to Crystal for getting healthy,” writes Alyssa Thurman via e-mail. “How many girls have to die from starvation before the fashion world gets the message?” Melissa Adams of Hamptonville, N.C., says, “The very idea that anyone would view Crystal as plus-size is ridiculous. She is a stunning example of a beautiful woman.” Noting that “the average American female wears a size 14,” Susan Raiford of DuBois, Pa., wonders, “When will models start looking like real people?” Echoing that point, Colleen Hall of Masaryktown, Fla., writes, “Young girls don’t need all that pressure. The wafer look should be thrown out.” Renn’s memoir Hungry: A Young Model’s Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves was just published.


In our Sept. 7 issue, we said Omar Dreidi grew up in Ramallah, Palestine. Ramallah is in the area of the West Bank under Palestinian authority. In our Aug. 31 issue, we said the son of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony is named Max Anthony. Max’s surname is Muniz. We regret these errors.