February 23, 2009 12:00 PM


“Your issue on President Obama’s Inauguration is a keeper and a treasure I’ll save for my grandkids”

Marlene Kohl

Penn Valley, Pa.

Thank you for showing the impact of our new President on all Americans, regardless of color. So much of the media have only taken a look at the effect on the African-American population. While I appreciate the impact this historic event has had on them, all of us—red and yellow, black and white—now have a new President and real hope for change.

Julie Yack

Colorado Springs, Colo.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the pictures of Michelle Obama during the Inaugural festivities. However, I was disappointed that there was only one small shot of Jill Biden, waving goodbye to the Bushes’ helicopter. I really wanted to see what Mrs. Biden wore to the balls. When I went online there were many photos of Mrs. Biden wearing a stunning red dress. She is a beautiful woman and I think you could have featured more pictures of her and the Vice President.

Sue Charpie

Wheaton, Ill.

We lost our fashion icon Princess Diana more than 11 years ago. With Michelle Obama, we now have a new trendsetter to guide us. Bravo to the First Lady!

Sue Kelson

Dallas, Texas

How wonderful—Obama has taken office. Now can you please try to have at least one issue without the newest “American Idol” in it? Kindly remember, not all your readers voted for him.

Kimberly Wigley

Chesterton, Ind.

Will someone please tell former First Daughter Patti Davis that her negative rants about the misery of life with the Reagans in the White House are so boring and unattractive? We’ve had to listen to her whine and complain for too many years; she really needs to move on.

Liz Steenbeeke

Puyallup, Wash.


In a week filled with spectacle and miracles, the one achieved by Captain Sullenberger and Co-pilot Skiles on the Hudson River, saving all 155 people aboard, was magnificent. They’ll be my requested pilots from now on.

C.V. Roberts

Martin, Ga.

I don’t understand why you devoted almost an entire issue to Inauguration parties, concerts and styles, yet only three pages to one of the greatest survival stories this country has ever seen—the “Miracle on the Hudson.” It appears your priorities need adjusting.


via e-mail


I was very surprised to see such a small article on the death of Ricardo Montalban. He opened the door for so many Latino actors over the years. And his presence was one of grace, dignity and character. He deserved a longer tribute from your magazine.

Cecelia Hernandez

Torrance, Calif.


President Obama and his family are creating their own stimulus package for everything from volunteerism to ice cream. On Jan. 20 the Peace Corps’ online applications doubled over the same day the year before. A source tells PEOPLE that J. Crew, which made the girls’ Inaugural coats, had a 400 percent increase in online sales for its children’s clothing line Crewcuts. Marvel Comics’ latest Spider-Man, which features Obama, sold out within hours and is on track to be their best seller in 15 years. For January, Ben & Jerry’s changed “Butter Pecan” to “Yes Pecan!”—a riff on Obama’s theme “Yes, We Can.” Says Alliance CEO John Eckel, a marketing expert: “He’s a rock star.”


In our Feb. 2 issue, we should have attributed the song “At Last” to songwriters Mack Gordon and Harry Warren, rather than singer Etta James.

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