May 18, 2009 12:00 PM


“I’m glad you made Richard Phillips’ story the cover. You promote real life stories that inspire”

Lauren Wheeler

Georgetown, Ky.

Your article says the Phillips family had one great resource: an unflinching faith in Richard Phillips. They also had another great resource: an unflinching faith in God.

Andrew C. Freeman

via e-mail

I am very happy that the captain was safely returned to his family; he is very lucky. But it’s a total shame that he could have lost his life for giving relief to another country when people in our own country could use relief as well.

Chrissy Logue

Smyrna, Del.


I really enjoy Tori Spelling; her personality just sparkles. My advice to her and her mom, Candy? Throw the baggage overboard. Start a new, clean slate. Accept and celebrate the great things about each other and forget the rest. Life is indeed short, and living with regrets should not be an option.

Kerry Burton

San Jose, Calif.

If Tori Spelling wants us to believe that being a mom is the only thing she cares about, then please don’t pose in magazines in high heels and a dress. That’s not how real moms play in their backyards with their kids.

Donna Sheehan

Oxford, Mass.


What’s up with Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson making your list of top teen idols? They are so new to the game! I was thinking more along the lines of Robert Downey Jr. and Leonardo DiCaprio. They are much more experienced and definitely better looking.

Gina Williams

Cary, N.C.


Robyn has been the quiet and diligent spouse. Robyn and Mel’s divorce is very sad and unfortunate, but we’re all cheering her on for formally dumping Mel once and for all.

Joan Tompkins

Twinsburg, Ohio


Thanks to Liz Lange for sharing her story about the fight against cervical cancer. Her strength to save her life and continue living for her children led to several courageous decisions to ensure that she goes on to be cancer free.

Liz Lund

Hoboken, N.J.


Bravo, PEOPLE, for drawing attention to an issue that gets little attention. People who live with developmental disabilities have been warehoused in institutions for years, suffering from isolation and abuse and often never see their families again. Your story proved that there are people who care a great deal about these individuals and that people with disabilities do not need to be feared or hidden away.

Leanne Kennedy

Landmark, Man.


Recent story subject Ty’Sheoma Bethea—a 14-year-old eighth grader at a rundown junior high in Dillon, S.C.—is learning the power of the written word. In February she sent Congress a letter asking them to help improve her school—a plea that was also heard far away at Sagus International, a Chicago-based furniture maker. Last weekend the company quietly sent trucks and a crew to J.V. Martin Junior High and installed donated new desks, chairs and cafeteria tables valued at over $250,000. Workers also put up an inspiring quote from President Obama—”We are the change that we seek”—on the cafeteria wall. “Our school hasn’t had new furniture in over 40 years,” says grateful principal Amanda Burnette. The makeover came as a shock—a welcome one—to Ty’Sheoma: “We have new focus. Anything is possible.”


In our May 11 issue we incorrectly printed the album release date of Michael Johns. His debut CD, Hold Back My Heart, will be released June 23. We regret the error.

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