December 22, 2008 12:00 PM


“When I first saw Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, I knew he was destined to be the Sexiest Man Alive”

Rakisha Kearns-White

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Hooray! You chose someone who’s truly deserving of the Sexiest Man Alive title. I challenge you to find another performer as multitalented, charismatic, smart, funny and drop-dead gorgeous as Hugh Jackman. What’s probably the most amazing thing is that with all these gifts, he’s still so down-to-earth and unpretentious.

Kay Jensen

Mentor, Ohio

You made the absolute best choice this year for Sexiest Man Alive. Hugh Jackman is the whole package—good-looking, talented and rugged. But in my opinion, the best thing about him, by far, is his devotion to his wife and children. Throughout his interview he was candid, humble and very witty, but the sexiest thing he said was “I love my wife.”

Beth Milner

Pearland, Texas

Your magazine has really topped itself this time—it had me squealing all the way through. Flipping through the pages and seeing Chace Crawford, Kevin Jonas, Robert Pattinson, Joshua Jackson and Mark-Paul Gosselaar made me swoon for hours. Bravo, PEOPLE! This was the best edition to date.

Lindsay Greene

Boynton Beach, Fla.

The Sexy Scents story was very amusing. I showed it to the women in my office, and we scratched and sniffed until the smell was gone. Can you please put in one of those sections every week?

Racheal Mouret

via e-mail

I got a chance to see Hugh Jackman on Broadway, and he was utterly fantastic. The man sings, acts and dances beautifully. The Sexiest Man Alive crown fits him perfectly.

Erica Bernstein

Bayside, N.Y.

I can’t believe you left out men over the age of 59. Those guys aren’t dead yet! At the very least, you owe us a page of sixtysomethings.

Carolynn Simpson

Reno, Nev.


Kudos to Brad and Angelina for passing clothing down the line of kids. How nice to see that they’re resisting the Hollywood pressure to needlessly dress their children in a constant collection of the latest styles.

Robike Noll

Westwood, N.J.

Correction: In our Dec. 15 issue, we erroneously switched captions for two of the murdered Fort Bragg soldiers. They are correctly identified below: Sgt. Christina Smith (left) and Spc. Megan Lynn Touma. We deeply regret the error.

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