By People Staff
December 01, 2008 12:00 PM


“We extend our heartfelt sympathy to Jennifer Hudson and her sister Julia on their devastating loss”

The Marino Family

Palm Coast, Fla.

My heart goes out to Jennifer, who has had to endure the pain of losing a mother, brother and nephew so tragically. Jennifer is strong and will get through this with the help of her family and friends. While nobody can truly get over something like this, I really hope that she gives herself time to heal. Jennifer has a lot of fans who will be praying for her.

Judy Young

Rotterdam, N.Y.

I was saddened to hear the shocking news about Jennifer Hudson’s family. Having just lost a parent myself, I know the painful heartache she’s feeling, but to lose three family members in such a violent way is something I cannot begin to imagine. I know Jennifer’s deep faith will give her comfort and carry her through this horrible time.

Andi Sanders

Oceanside, Calif.


I am outraged that Dr. Bhagavan Antle would remove two tiger cubs from their mother. I am sure the mother and cubs would have been just fine in a outdoor enclosure, even if it was damp; tigers are animals that live in the wild. Now the cubs are without a mother, being fed formula and being raised by a chimpanzee? This sounds more like an experiment and a quest for fame than a heartfelt rescue. I was not amused.

Name Withheld

via e-mail


I’m happy to hear that high school student BB Blanchard is currently free of leprosy. However, your article contained a piece of misinformation: namely that leprosy is not contagious. According to the Centers for Disease Control, most researchers believe leprosy is spread person-to-person through respiratory droplets. Although no longer the terrifying scourge of centuries past, proper measures should nonetheless be taken when coming into contact with an active case of leprosy.

Lindsey O’Connor

Hoover, Ala.


Sean Lennon said the dearest memory he has of his father is the sound of his voice, adding that to this day, it is difficult for him to hear it. I know exactly what Sean means. I’ve been in love with John since I was 11 years old; I’m now 55 and still adore the sound of his voice. It will always move me to tears.

Deborah Moretti

Budd Lake, N.J.


News flash for Tara Reid: You are too skinny. Honey, if you want to look good, forget the surgery and eat!

E. Macaulay

Foster City, Calif.


Our story about Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts and her battle with breast cancer inspired a number of readers to follow her two sisters’ lead and to volunteer for the Sister Study, an NIEHS survey that examines what role the environment and genes may play in the disease. “More than 180 women from all walks of life enrolled after learning about it from PEOPLE and GMA,” reports director Dr. Dale Sandler. Having lost her sister to breast cancer, reader Mildred Wigley-Haywood, 44, of Chicago was quick to sign up. “I thought this is something I needed to do to honor her but also for myself,” she says. Adds Dr. Paula Scarborough Juras: “Every person who joins the study can make a difference.” For more information, go to


In our Nov. 17 issue we should have said that Eva Longoria Parker and country star Sara Evans wore number 7 Alabama Crimson Tide jerseys because that was the number worn by Evans’ husband, former Tide quarterback Jay Barker. We regret the error.