November 10, 2008 12:00 PM


“It just goes to show, you can be cool and still be very good parents. Joel and Nicole are a class act”

Sherry Highbaugh

Louisville, Ky.

Kudos to Nicole and Joel for their down-to-earth parenting style. While so many Hollywood stars tote their tots around with what seems like total disregard for their kids’ needs and schedules, this couple put their daughter’s needs first. It is obvious how well motherhood agrees with Nicole.

K. Mullen

West Chester, Pa.

Wow! Who would have guessed that the ditzy former BFF of Paris Hilton would turn out to be such an awesome mom? Breast-feeding past six months? Wonderful. No electronic toys? Bravo. Congratulations for doing things right for that precious baby of yours.

S. Burk

Santa Margarita, Calif.

Harlow is just such a gorgeous and cuddly baby! She makes me smile every time I see her. This cover is a keeper.

Judy Miles

Tallahassee, Fla.


As a registered dietician, I find it demoralizing that there are so many articles about female stars and the status of their body size and weight but rarely—if ever—is anything written about overweight male celebrities.

Elizabeth Lennon

Cleveland, Ohio

Cheryl Burke is the most striking of all the Dancing with the Stars dancers—a dynamo full of energy and style. How could anyone put down her looks? Shame on those bad-mouthed bloggers.

Ann Bridges

Fort Worth, Texas


It is so nice to read about someone who won her battle with depression without staying on meds. Kellie’s openness will help people realize that there is no such thing as a magic pill.

Regina McKay

via e-mail


As a hardworking, committed single parent, I take strong exception to Ms. Schroder’s quote “There’s nothing you can give your kids that equals two parents loving each other.” Wake up! It’s 2008 and kids get raised in lots of different kinds of families.

Kate Williams

Sugar Land, Texas

The Schroders are an amazing “Hollywood” family, truly dedicated to each other and their children. I applaud them for sticking together even when God threw them some unimaginable obstacles.

Anne O’Finley

Chicago, Ill.


I would love to shake Larry Gibson’s hand. He is proof that there are still people who take pride in their heritage and aren’t willing to abandon their convictions for any amount of money.

Kylie Zimmerly

Fort Myers, Fla.

West Virginians do not say things like “up on the mountain.” It’s all mountains here! Stop contributing to the stereotype that West Virginians are uneducated hillbilly hicks.

Tabitha Lair

Charleston, W.Va.


Days after our story ran about Nebraska widower Gary Staton giving up nine of his children to a hospital under the state’s no-age-limit safe haven law, a Michigan mother reportedly dropped off her 13-year-old adopted son at an Omaha hospital. After several other teen, preteen and out-of-state children were left at state hospitals, the Nebraska legislature sounded the alarm, insisting that the law was meant to protect unwanted babies. They pledge to revise the law so that it applies only to newborns up to 3 days old. Our readers were sympathetic to the plight of the Staton family. “We are all one health or economic crisis away from similar circumstances,” writes Jennifer McCoy of Lawrenceville, Ga. The Staton children (ages 21 months to 17 years) have been relocated by the state; seven now live with an aunt and two are in nonrelative foster care.

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