November 03, 2008 12:00 PM


“He was our handsome, talented and generous best friend. Your article made me cry all over again”

Jacqueline Cunningham

Charleston, S.C.

Thank you for the wonderful tribute to a truly extraordinary man. Today’s movie stars would do well to heed the lessons Paul Newman taught us all—humility, honesty in life and work, love of family and friends and active efforts to give something back to mankind.

Deanna Osterberg

Alameda, Calif.

Like every woman of my generation, I fell in love with Paul Newman. But your story gave me insight into the real man. It appears he remained a good ol’ boy at heart, with a level head, who tried to do the best with what he had. We should all take note, for this was definitely a life well lived. Bravo, Mr. Newman, bravo!

JaNice Hukel

Riverside, Calif.

When I opened my mailbox and saw the cover picture of Paul Newman, tears came to my eyes. That is by far the most beautiful cover you have ever done. The article and photos were a fitting farewell to a man who was not only one of our finest actors, but a person who was selfless in helping others, especially sick children. May he rest in peace.

Lisa S.

Olathe, Kans.

Your story quoted Mr. Newman as saying, “It’s been a privilege to be here.” It has surely been our privilege, and this generous soul will be missed.

Doris Carder

Keyser, W.Va.

It seems the whole world feels such a loss with the passing of this great man. When I recently moved cross-country, the car was loaded with 42 bottles of Newman’s Own salad dressing, so I would always have a supply. Thank you for the heartwarming tribute.

Bonnie Lewis

Durango, Colo.


How lovely to read that Heath Ledger’s family is gifting his entire estate to his daughter. Although Matilda will grow up without her father, she is lucky enough to have a caring mother and extended family who are putting the child’s well-being first. Heath would be proud.

Laura Woodhouse

Chesapeake, Va.


What a breath of fresh air to see a celebrity like Marissa Jaret Winokur openly discuss her story of surrogacy. As a three-time surrogate, I understand the hard work done by surrogates who are sometimes pushed to the side by the people they are having babies for. I applaud Ms. Winokur and her husband, Judah Miller, for sharing their story.

Lesa Biancalana

Cupertino, Calif.


I wept over the injustices endured by our black World War II heroes for so many years. The sacrifices of these brave men should never be forgotten.

Barbara Dee

Loveland, Ohio


Readers had mixed opinions about Jon and Kate Gosselin, the Pennsylvania couple whose life raising twins and sextuplets is being chronicled on the TLC network show Jon & Kate Plus Eight. “Good for the Gosselins for being honest and open about their relationship. Parenting isn’t easy!” says Karen Ganz of New Windsor, N.Y. Tami DeMark of Carlisle, Pa., disagrees: “I am so tired of hearing about the Gosselins. There are plenty of other large families across our nation who are not ‘cashing in’ on their kids.” The Gosselins’ first book, Multiple Blessings, about their journey after they learned they were expecting sextuplets, was published Oct. 14 and is selling well.


In our Oct. 13 issue, we said a photo on page 74 was of Kate and Leah Gosselin reading scriptures on a cake. The child was Kate’s daughter Hannah. In our Sept. 15 Passages column, we should have said the late Ralph Young’s singing partner was Tony Sandler.

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